Angel Investment Opportunity in Leeds

Valor Property Investment
Our company offers a bespoke investment method tailored to an investors business model. If you would like to find out more about why you should invest in Valor and what we can offer you, watch this video from our founder and CEO.
Why Invest in Valor Property Group?

Valor property investments are apart of the Valor Property Group Solely based in Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire, a group which has been trading for over 13 years. Our risk averse investment option enables angel investors to invest in a secure, turnkey property investment company, with strong record of providing high returns for investors. We  have a proven track record of buying and selling profitable deals

As a company we have key industry contacts consistently offering us BMV opportunities. We are looking to develop a long lasting, professional relationship with an investor to significantly scale and grow the company, offering a healthy 10% return on their investment, paid monthly over a 10-month period.

Angel Investment FAQs

What is the risk attached?

None, Valor is a risk averse investment. This is due to over a decade of success and continued growth. We are guaranteeing an investor an ROI of 10% over a 10-month period, paid back monthly with the final monthly payment been doubled.

What Is the role of an angel investor?

An angel investor is someone who invests their own money in a business in exchange for a ROI of 10%. We are looking for someone to assist in the continued growth of our company.

Is there a minimum investment?

At Valor we are looking for a minimum investment of £50,000.

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