Investment Portfolio Review

Valor Properties offers comprehensive property investment portfolio reviews to help maximise returns and future-proof investments. Please contact us to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts and get started today.
What Does an Investment Portfolio Review Include?

An investment property portfolio review is a chance for you to deep dive into each of your investments and work with our experts to maximise your revenue or diversify your portfolio. Our portfolio reviews look at five key areas:

  • Asset allocation & diversification; do you have a suitable mix of property types to help ride the waves of economic uncertainty?
  • Areas of investment; are there any lucrative locations in which you aren’t currently investing?
  • Finances; are you currently getting the best mortgage deals? Are you optimising your cash flow well enough?
  • Property management; where could you free up your own time? Should you outsource the admin, cleaning, or tenancy management to create a hands-off investment?
  • Reliable recommendations & long-term advice; do you know how much your property portfolio is worth? Do any renovations need to be completed? How can we help you?




Your current property portfolio is just one of the areas that you should review before buying another investment property. Our specialists can help you identify properties that could be renovated or developed to maximise your revenue and return before you go through the process of buying additional investments.

During a property portfolio review, we may also identify areas for you to diversify and expand your portfolio to meet your goals. If this is the case, we’d refer you to our dedicated property sourcing team who’ll help you find exclusive off-market properties to add to your growing portfolio.

Why Should You Trust Valor’s Property Advisors?

We’re Yorkshire’s leading property specialists; from small buy-to-let homes to large houses of multiple occupations, or commercial rental properties, we have the know-how to make your investments worthwhile.

Our multifaceted team can handle everything from sourcing to property development, rental property management, accounting, and almost everything in between – all in one place. We offer hassle-free turnkey solutions with your best interests in mind. 

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Related Questions

How Often Should an Investment Portfolio Be Reviewed?

It is vital to keep on top of your current investment portfolio and, at a minimum, we’d recommend reviewing it at least once per year. Although, we believe that reviewing your investment portfolio once every 6 months is best as circumstances, particularly the current economic climate, can change quickly. 

How Do I Know if My Investments Are Doing Well?

The first thing you should review on all of your investments is the profit and annual % return on your properties. This should consider costs, not just rental yield. 

You should also look at the return relative to your time invested in a property. If you have a property with a high rental yield but you are there regularly to deal with repairs, maintenance, or even nightmare tenants, then the rental income might not be worth your while. 

If you want to find out more about reviewing your property investments, read our Property Investing For Beginners Guide.