Property Refurbishment For Investors

Are you looking to increase the value of your property and increase your income? Give your property a competitive edge with property refurbishment from Valor. Get in touch with our team for no-obligation advice.

Strategic Property Refurbishment

Whether it’s a couple of strategic updates for the upcoming rental season or a complete makeover of a failing property, luxury property refurbishment is a great way to increase your NET rental yield and ROI of your investment. 

Work with our team of property professionals, who have expertise in all aspects of the property investment lifecycle. With a background in property sales and rentals, you can rely on our extensive knowledge of the areas and improvements that will give you the most benefits, keeping your investment goals in mind throughout the whole journey.

Our shrewd staff can make sure your asset is earning the greatest rentals by managing anything from basic repairs to large-scale projects. Benefit from our multifaceted team, who can assist in several areas, from plumbing works, to construction, electrical needs, decorating, plastering and more. 


Why Should You Choose Valor Investments?

We specialize in sourcing investment properties in Leeds. Utilising our maintenance team, we are able to ensure your refurbishment is completed with a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. Our turnkey solutions increase your ROI and minimise the time you need to spend with contractors, tenants, and other laborious activities. 

We are aware of what it takes to develop a well-liked and lucrative investment property. By working with Valor Property Investments, you’ll gain peace of mind that your rental property is operating at peak efficiency and generating the highest possible profits. 

Contact Our Luxury Property Refurbishment Team

Get in touch with our property refurbishment team via phone, email, or the button below to book your free consultation. During your 30 minute complimentary call, you’ll get 1-1 time with one of our property management experts, who’ll discuss your goals and investment objectives, and help you create a strategic roadmap to get there. 

We’ll offer our honest advice and recommendations, as well as an idea of approximate costs and timescales for your property refurbishment. If you have any questions before booking a call, don’t hesitate to email or call us

Property Refurbishment FAQs

What is the Difference Between Property Renovation & Refurbishment?

Refurbishment usually means that you are improving something that is already in a relatively good condition. These types of improvements typically include plastering, painting, cleaning, decorating, and adding new amenities or aesthetic features. 

Renovation, or property development  is usually a longer process, and involves intrusive work such as replacing windows, adding insulation or changing the layout of a property. If you aren’t sure which you need, why not get in touch with our property specialists?

Can You Claim VAT On Property Refurbishment?

In most cases, it is not possible to claim back VAT on refurbishment works, even on commercial properties. There are a few exceptions, however, which include:

  • If your property has been empty for 2 years or more.
  • If your property is being converted into a commercial dwelling.
  • If your property is a holiday let (i.e offering short stays only).

What is an Example Of Refurbishment Work?

Refurbishments refer to improving the appearance of a property through cosmetic works, which may involve:

  • Plastering a wall.
  • Painting & decorating.
  • Laying new carpets or flooring.
  • Replacing windows or doors.
  • Installing new or replacing amenities.

Is it Worth Refurbishing a House?

Yes! By refurbishing a property, you’ll likely positively impact the rental value of the home, which could increase your overall NET yield and ROI. With all refurbishments, there is the risk of overspending on works that aren’t necessary, however when you work with Valor you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of the market, allowing you to rely on our tailored advice with your goals in mind.