Property Sourcing Agent in Leeds

Our professional property experts offer a complete turnkey solution. We manage everything from sourcing, to refurbishment, and tenant management. Get in touch with our property investment experts to get started today.

Property Sourcing in Leeds

Leeds is well-known as a hub for BTL investors. It’s a city full of opportunities for property investment since it’s the fastest growing city in the UK with a thriving business environment and a large population of young professionals. With a high rental demand, the city offers a range of investment opportunities from city centre flats, to student accommodation, and larger houses in the suburbs.

Our property sourcing agents can help you find investment opportunities that are below market value (BMV) but return the highest possible rental yield. In fact, we guarantee a minimum 15% NET yield from your investments with us.

When you choose Valor Property Investments, you’ll benefit from our knowledge and market skills to discover well-located properties that will attract high-quality tenants and the potential for value-added growth in yearly rental and capital growth.

We take a completely bespoke approach to property investing at Valor, which means you’ll only receive properties that match your requirements as an investor. You’ll also get peace of mind that each opportunity presented to you is worth your while. 

Why Should You Choose Valor Investments?

Many of our BTL investors work with us beyond property sourcing. Our complete turnkey solutions help you to expand and optimise your property portfolio, with a limited time investment from yourself. 

When you work with us, you’ll also benefit from:

  • A guarantee of 15% minimum NET yield from your investments.
  • A one-stop-shop for managing your investments, meaning you’ll benefit from our accountancy, maintenance, and estate-agency services.
  • A honed knowledge of the Leeds area, alongside first hand knowledge of up and coming areas, locations to avoid, and transport links.
  • A friendly team with your best interests at heart, from start to finish. 
  • Ongoing advice and guidance as and when required.

Your Property Deal Sourcing Roadmap

Initial Consultation

You’ll speak to one of our property sourcing agents who’ll work with you to outline your investment objectives. They will also discuss your budget, requirements and other important aspects. We’ll offer our tailored property advice here, ensuring your investments are kept safe. 

Property Deal Sourcing

Our team will handle the groundwork, sourcing the right property to suit your investment ambitions. We’ll handle the property viewings and negotiations, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Rental Handling

At Valor, we have a team of experienced estate agents who’ll manage your tenancies from start to finish. We’ll find trustworthy tenants, as well as managing the administration and contracts for each BTL property.

Ongoing Full-Service Management

Utilise our property maintenance and repairs team, as well as our accountancy team to keep all of your ducks in a row. This ensures that each investment remains hands-off whilst NET yield is maximised.

Investment Properties – Sourced To Your Exact Requirements

At Valor Properties, we understand the importance of working to your business model, which is why we offer a range of investment opportunities that are made to suit a range of budgets and time investment requirements. Our background as estate agents means we are the first to know about upcoming opportunities before they hit the market.

Buy-To-Let Properties

‘Let and forget’ properties are great for investors looking to build a low-risk portfolio, benefitting from a lower initial investment and hands-off maintenance. 

Typical Return Per Annum: 3-5% on average, however when you work with Valor, we guarantee a 15% NET yield.

Student Buy-To-Let Properties

HMO properties are higher risk but are the best way to maximise ROI. Not only will the yield % increase compared to standard buy-to-let properties, but you’ll benefit from longer assured returns. Find out more about HMOs in our recent blog.

Typical Return Per Annum: 8-10%, however when you work with Valor, we guarantee a 15% NET yield.

Property Renovations

Typically a more hands-on investment, a property in need of renovation is usually a cheaper option. Once renovated, you’ll be able to increase the resell or rental value of the property within a short period of time. 

Typical Return Per Annum: Between 6-9%, however when you work with Valor, we guarantee a 15% NET yield.

Contact Our Property Sourcing Agents

If you’re keen to start investing in property, why not arrange a free consultation with our property experts? In the initial meeting, we’ll discuss your requirements and investment goals in detail, outlining a roadmap to success. Start your journey with Valor Investments by giving us a call or email, or by completing the contact form. 

Property Sourcing FAQs

What is a Property Sourcing Agent?

A property sourcing agency is essentially the middleman between you (the investor) and the property seller. They ensure that the deal runs smoothly from start to finish. The agent spends their time sourcing investment deals for a range of investors, helping them to invest wisely and saving them time looking for properties. 

How Much is a Property Sourcing Fee?

On average, a property sourcing fee in the UK, sits between 1-3% of the final sale price, which equates to anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000. Of course, this may change depending on the size of the property, and the property sourcing agency themselves.

How Do Property Sourcers Find Properties?

Property sources utilise several channels to find property investment opportunities. At Valor, we are well networked with local property developers who keep us up to date about the latest building works and construction projects. The other side of our business is an Estate Agents, which means we’re the first to know about properties and potential investment opportunities before they hit the market. 

What is the Difference Between an Estate Agent and Property Sourcer?

Although both property sourcers and estate agents deal with sales, they are widely different in their approach and day-to-day tasks. The property sourcer will spend their time working for private clients, who are looking for investment opportunities. They will typically receive a fee from the investor for finding properties.

Unlike with a property deal sourcer, an estate agent works with the property seller, helping with the marketing and managing offers for the property. The estate agent receives a percentage of the sale once the home is sold. Estate agents and property sourcers regularly work together to ensure the property deal benefits both parties.