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Lease Enforcement Services in Leeds & Bradford



As part of Valor Properties’ Block Management service, we provide lease enforcement and lease compliance for both freehold and leasehold properties. We ensure to understand what each unit owner is legally allowed to do, and what tenants are allowed to do, as outlined in individual tenancy agreements. From here, we work with you to understand what you are comfortable with us doing on your behalf to ensure compliance on both sides of the agreement. 

This includes:

  • Ensuring that payments are made on time
  • Ensuring that the property is kept to an agreed standard
  • Ensuring that any disputes between the owner and tenants are handled appropriately
  • Ensuring any disputes between residents are handled appropriately
  • Handling disputes regarding repairs & maintenance at move-in/check-out
  • Management of different lease terms for different tenants

Block Management Services

Valor Properties has a wealth of experience in the Block Property Management sector, as well as within leasehold accounting, and health and safety compliance, making them the perfect partner to take care of your property or block of properties. 


As well as lease enforcement and compliance, our Block Property Management Services includes a number of other great services, such as:

Lease Enforcement FAQs

What is Lease Enforcement?

Lease enforcement is a service provided by Block Property Management companies on behalf of a unit’s owner. The Block Property Management company reviews lease agreements, and fairly enforces the terms on both the owner and tenant, ensuring compliance.

What is Lease Compliance?

Once the Block Property Management company understands the terms of a tenancy agreement, they then set out to ensure the compliance between both parties, as well as handling any disputes.

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