Shannon Parker

Facilities Manager

As facilities manager, Shannon oversees all aspects of building functions and ensures the safety and functionality of all facilities. Her responsibilities include conducting routine safety inspections, communicating with contractors, scheduling maintenance work, keeping records, and overseeing staff.

  • Diploma in Customer Service
  • 4+ years customer service experience

When I’m not working, I love sleeping. I’ll curl up anywhere comfortable and cozy like a burrito to take a nap. I dream the wildest dreams! I also enjoy sunsets and scenic views, but I don’t want to walk too far to see them. That song says “my legs were made for walking” but mine complain the whole way.

My workday is spent listening to my friend Harry chat. He tells me all the gossip on our commute in, during the workday, and on our ride back home. Seems like he always has something to share!