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Block Management in Leeds with Valor Properties

As a leaseholder in Leeds, maintaining your building can be challenging due to rising repair and maintenance costs. Coordinating work and finances can be difficult. Section 20 of the UK Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985 addresses this issue. It provides protections for leaseholders regarding repairs, renovations and upkeep while avoiding unexpected expenses. This article explains how Section 20 applies to Leeds leaseholders and how professional block management, such as that provided by Valor Properties, can help navigate the process. You will learn about consultation rights on major works and your ability to dispute unnecessary actions.

Section 20 requires freeholders to consult leaseholders on qualifying works costing over £250 per unit, like structural repairs and common area maintenance. Freeholders must provide estimates, necessity explanations and contractor options. Leaseholders can nominate alternative contractors and object to unnecessary work.

If leaseholders approve work, the freeholder may recover reasonable costs through service charges. However, leaseholders can challenge excessive charges and may still owe maintenance costs even if reduced. Carefully review proposals to understand financial obligations before approving.

If the freeholder fails to properly consult or performs unnecessary work, leaseholders can seek mediation or legal action to recover excess payments. However, freeholders may also sue leaseholders unreasonably withholding approval for essential maintenance.

In summary, Section 20 grants leaseholders rights regarding building work while also requiring contributions to necessary upkeep. Understanding these mutual obligations ensures property maintenance, cost resolution and positive freeholder relations. Professional block management can help navigate this process.

If professional property management services are needed, Valor Properties is ready to assist leveraging their expertise and experience. Please contact Valor Properties at 32 Park Cross Street, Leeds LS1 2QH, call 0113 222 4537, or email to learn how we can help meet your needs.


Bethany Nicol, March 2024