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DIY at home – hacks, tacks, tips and tricks!

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Do you want your home to have a more modern feel? Or possibly your sick of seeing the same sight of your bedroom laid out as it is and you want a different atmosphere in there, but you’re on a cheap budget? How about you put some elbow grease into decorating your home and do the hard labour yourself – saving plenty of pennies! When participating in DIY, make sure you have some sort of inspiration. By having an image in your head or home magazines with pictures of inspiring bedrooms, this gives you more of an urge to finish your room to perfection.

When wanting to add a cleaner feel to a room or make a room look bigger, neutral colours and adding mirrors work wonders. Wallpapering a wall with a funky design or painting a light, fresh colour adds plenty more depth to a room. Painting a feature wall with a bright vibrant colour on makes the room have more character making you actually want to spend time in your bedroom. Seagulls paint store in Leeds, have an amazing selection of paint at highly discounted prices. They remix and reuse leftover/unwanted paint. They have a contract with Leeds City Council to collect paint from eight of their household waste sites. The paint is then sorted, remixed and sold as a cheap/value alternative particularly for local and lower income customers.

Do you tend to find yourself with lots of items being hoarded but not enough room to store them all? Adding up some simple yet store efficient shelves means you can organise things such as DVDS, CDS etc. Places such as B&M do a three-piece shelf set in white that are three different sizes so you can store different things on for a fantastic cost of £9.99. By applying these simply with a couple of nails, screwdriver and possibly a drill it would make the perfect hanging shelf for your possessions.

Got an idea of which mugs you want but can’t find them anywhere or the cost is too pricey? Get some plain white cheap mugs and a sharpie. Draw a message or picture wherever you please then bake for 30 minutes at 180°C or gas mark 4 for 30 minutes to make the writing permanent. This adds a more personal touch to your kitchen utensils and you can still have the theme you admire at a cheaply cost.

Creative DIY Hacks:

Tight budget? Hacks such as these can help you save money yet be so effective:

  • Use old doorknobs for hanging towels or a coat rack
  • Use an old laundry basket with holes as a template for polka dot walls
  • Old wine racks make perfect towel holders
  • A cheap CD tower turned on its side, makes a great bathroom organizer
  • Wrap cords around plastic hangers to keep them safe
  • Ice cubes can take indentations out of a carpet
  • Sick of having lots of plastic bags inside one? Use an empty tissue box to stuff them all into
  • Spilt a drink on your new carpet? By spraying hairspray onto the stain at a close distance, then scrubbing it with a cloth helps discolour the stain and majority of the time practically remove the colouring
  • Paint keys with a colour of your nail varnish and keep that key under the same nail varnish colour with a sticky note to indicate which key is for what
  • By getting some recycled wood and some cheap belts, you can make perfect storage space by wrapping the belt around the recycled wood and nailing it into the wall for more storage space