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Determining a Tenant’s Right to Rent

Determining a Tenant’s Right to Rent

As a landlord, it is important to verify a tenant’s lawful ability to rent a property before signing a lease agreement. Under UK immigration law, landlords must verify the right to rent of any individual over 18 years old who will live in the property, before entering into a residential lease. Landlords who fail to conduct checks according to legislation may face penalties up to £10,000 per occupant.

Landlords can verify an occupant’s right to rent online through the government website or by viewing original identification documents in person. Since April 2022, certain documents can only be verified online. When conducting checks, landlords should review and copy original identification from acceptable Home Office lists for all adult occupants.

In addition to initial checks, follow-up verifications are required when an occupant’s right to reside in the UK is time-limited. If renewal is not shown, the landlord must report to the Home Office to avoid penalties. Landlords can delegate check responsibilities to property management companies via written agreement.

The legal requirements and increased penalties demonstrate the value of using a reputable property management company to handle leasing. They can fully support tenant placement through extensive marketing, prompt verification of identities, employment, rental history and screening, and document review for compliance.

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Bethany Nicol, March 2024