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Tips to increase your EPC rating

EPC rating

Are your bills always rising?

Solar electricity is an excellent method to not only drastically cut your monthly expenses but also your carbon impact. Energy efficiency within EPCs are graded between A and G – A being the highest level of efficiency and G being the lowest.

Another option for increasing your EPC; Loft insulation is simple to install, affordable, and may significantly reduce your energy expenditures. Install at least 270mm thick loft insulation. Insulating your walls, whether they are hollow or solid, can increase your EPC rating.

By 2025, all landlords in the UK will be required to have a minimum EPC rating of C, the average EPC rating for a home in the UK is D. Solar panels will take care of that and provide us with more energy than we could possibly need.

Fossil fuels are not only detrimental for the environment, but their costs fluctuate throughout the day because of limited resources! Why not switch to solar today and potentially earn money by selling your excess energy to the national grid?

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