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Headingley, Leeds LS6 Property & Area Guide

  • Posted:  6 years ago
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Headingley in Leeds: it has a special vibe and feel that attracts people from all over the world and keeps them coming back for more. Sure, it’s part University town, hosting two major universities within its vicinity, but it’s also much more than that.

Located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, Headingley is a suburb that whispers of summertime romance and calm, easy living. Still, there’s plenty of fun to be had with countless bars and pubs offering nightlife with an eclectic reputation. It’s what to expect for a town comprised of 60% University students.

Indeed, you won’t typically expect to raise a family here—though it’s totally common—because it’s a very youthful town. Brief demographic breakdowns speak for themselves. 80% of residents in the area are single. Though you may not raise a family here, you could start one here.

Separately, only 29% of residents actually work for a living, hinting at the massive economic role that local universities play in keep the ecosystem thriving. Throw in some incredible pubs, shopping malls, and restaurants and you could call it the perfect little University town.

Independent living is another essential appeal of Headingley. Youths with big aspirations arrive to seek new opportunities. You can almost feel the optimism in the air. There is much to explore, see, and do in the region, including the thriving sport of cricket hosted at the popular Headingley Stadium. This massive venue hosts thousands and acts as a cherry atop this small town.

Collectively, Headingley provides the kind of basic lifestyle that is appealing to a very specific group but has so much more to offer. Whether it’s a vacation or a residential ambition, the suburb has so much to offer.

Headingley: The Vibe

One of the first things you might notice upon visiting Headingley is the vibe. It’s something in the air. It could be the feeling you get walking past “The Otley Run”, the famous pub crawl. If a drink it what’s in store, they’ll have it for you there. Nightlife is an essential feature to the region and only ripens with dusk.

However, the positive ambience might stem from some of the incredible food options—no university town is complete without an extensive selection of restaurants. It could be the hard university life sparking a big appetite, but either way you’ll have plenty to choose from when it’s time to eat.

Headingley Stadium adds a true touch of professionalism and fame to an otherwise remote little suburb. The Yorkshire County Cricket Club are regular guests, showing off their incredible talents in professional athletic competitions. Numerous other sports play at the venue. In all, the vibe is assisted greatly thanks to this stadium and its numerous offerings to the public.

Nightlife will likely be one of the most enduring memories from your time here, and no scene is complete without a movie theater. The Cottage Road Cinema provides wonderful entertainment for both the latest titles as well as older classics. In fact, the institution has stood since 1912—over 100 years! It’s a true gem to the area and provides a classical tough to an otherwise modern locale.

In all, Headingley’s vibe is a combination of key ingredients. The young populace spikes the scene with great energy and optimism. The high number of single men and women makes it ripe for romantic encounters and dating. Local universities add a positive outlook and forward momentum. A charming nightlife will lure you out into the streets day after day, night after night.

Headingley: Food

There is so much to do in Headingley that nearly everyone can have their interests matched. Typically, though, getting a bite to eat is a top priority for most people, and this suburb has got you covered.

Some of the most popular restaurants to choose from include Salvo’s Italian restaurant and The Olive Tree. Both are exceptional locations offering great-quality cuisine. Salvo’s was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s television show “The F Word”, winning an essential award. It was deemed as Best Local Italian Restaurant, which is a charming and romantic accolade in such a small town.

With The Olive Tree, you’re getting a ripe serving of incredible Greek foods. Also having won awards, it can help satisfy both a hungry stomach and a mind curious for new experiences.

Of course, do not leave Headingley until you have visited Santorini Bar & Grill. This location is an absolute must—irrespective of your personal preferences or tastes in food. It may seem like quite the statement, but it has the raving reviews to back it up. Serving up a variety of Greek and Turkish foods, you are treated within a calm and serene atmosphere. The combination of powerful and flavorful foods along with a soothing environment truly proves to be a treat.

Sometimes, though, fine dining experiences are too…safe for our tastes. Instead, a more…abrasive experience is craved, which is exactly what you’ll find at Red’s True Barbecue. Put aside all the pretenses and reservations, here you will fine absolutely incredible food—straight to the point. Nothing says good barbecue like putting down the napkins, forks, and knives and just digging in—which is your right once you step through their doors.

There’s also White’s Deli for less formal lunch and brunch offerings. If you crave something a little less heavy and official, you can just order a cake and coffee. The options are quite diverse in Headingley and this is an essential part of the appeal. There really is something for a wide range of pallets—not restricted on the basis of any order or interest.

Separately, you can also check out “The Cat’s Pyjamas”, an eccentrically-named spot for Indian food with a more urban, street feel. Don’t forget to guzzle down some of their craft beers, too.

You will never run out of food choices in Headingley, though for the sake of your waistline you may want to show some restraint. Dining is one of the suburb’s greatest appeals and cannot be overstated. If you’re in the area, you’d be remiss not to try some of the great options available.

Headingley: Leisure and Entertainment

Once you gotten a literal taste of Headingley, it’s time to have some more fun. There is so much to do in the area that it’s hard to believe it all fits. We can start with Headingley Stadium, which is big enough to beg the question already.

It’s a world-famous destination for sporting and other events. It hosts some of the top athletes in the world and has all the essential features for live television broadcasting. To put it simply, it is a must see destination hosting must-see talent.

A number of sporting leagues play professionally at Headingley Stadium. Included are rugby teams, football teams, and cricket. At its core, it’s a spot for some of the most competitive athletic displays you’re going to find. The thrills are undeniable so don’t overlook this spot.

If you’re a fan of any sport, you’ll be thrilled to see the Yorkshire Country Cricket Club in attendance. These athletes have proven themselves consistently in one of the most demanding sports out there. In addition, you can see the activities of the Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union Football Club, as well as the Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Football Club. Collectively, they represent the athletic core of the town that, otherwise, would seem uninviting to such exciting sporting events.

The Cottage Road Cinema is your go-to destination for the best escapism—films. The historic building was erected in 1912 and served up movies from back in the day. Today, though, upgraded theater rooms provide the latest films so you won’t have to miss a thing. Through advancement’s in film-projection technology, you can have a great movie-going experience there.

If you have a taste for the finer arts, you might be surprised that this small college town hosts a wonderful art gallery. Known as “The Bowery”, this location is small, intimate, and arguably romantic. Enjoy some great local art as well as global pieces, while also enjoying a cup of coffee. The Bowery is also a café, so you can easily grab some brunch while perusing the gallery.

The Bowery also hosts a number of events, which is great for local art clubs and talent groups. Inherent in this is the capacity for a number of enriching experiences, including cultural enlightenment. You can learn about the history, people, and record of this wonderful area, and also get a taste for some of the local university drama talent that is sourced.

You can also check out the HEART, otherwise known as the Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre. Here, you can attend concerts, art workshops, watch movies, and other activities. The next concert could host your favorite band, so keep an eye out that.

There is also shopping to be done in Headingley, though it is not the most extravagant in the world. Instead, you’ll find the basics—and much more—at your fingertips. Check out Arndale Centre, a great little shopping area with a number of essential stores. You can find a Sainsburys, Superdrug, Post Office, Wilkinsons, and much more. While it may not be the most extravagant shopping experience, it suffices quite well for all the necessities.

Headingley: Transportation

Getting around Headingley is easy enough given its relatively small size; still, you’ll find a variety of helpful means of transportation to get you from point A to point B.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, use the town’s reliable public transportation system. Trains and buses are common, though taxis are also available.

There are bus numbers ranging from 1 to 6 which suffice very well in getting locales around the area.

Headingley: Demographics

The demographics of Headingley are very standards for a British suburb. Although you will find a wide range of cultural tastes in restaurants and art, the local residential population is almost entirely native-born British.

In fact, of the total population, 84.8% are native British. From there after, it’s a variety of tiny subgroups that barely make up 2% as their own groups. The next largest group is native-born Indian’s comprising 1.4%. Then the Scottish, Pakistanis, and others.

Language is an interesting factor to consider in the area. Multiculturalism has spread far and wide across England though Headingley remains predominantly native British. This is due to a number of factors but one measure which has also remained consistent is the dominant language spoken there.

The number is to disproportionately separate from any other language that it seems almost statistically skewed. 94.10% of all Headingley residents speak English. From there, you have Urdu ranking in at 0.70%, then Panjabi, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, etc.

It is a particularly noteworthy trend in the region and could have some roots in the local universities which naturally demand a certain level of English literacy. Given that Headingley is essentially a small university town, the demographics are consistent.

The religious breakdown of local residents is also particularly interesting. In fact, a massive 44.70% of locals identify with no religion. These figures do not specify if they are atheists, but either way the numbers are quite telling. Part of this could have something to do with the age demographics, which are extremely young in the area. Coming in second place are Christians who comprise 38.20% of the population. Then, Muslims are found at around 4%, with Jews, Sikhs, and Buddhists following closely thereafter.

Headingley: Housing

As expected, Headingley is not very big on traditional housing. Instead, flat and detached/semi-detached homes are some of the more common modes of living. A large number of homes remain detached—roughly 15%. From here, 38% are semi-detached. An additional 18% are flat open for rent in a variety of financial plans and circumstances.

It is estimated that 60% of residents rent their home, which is dramatically higher than the Leeds average. The collective average for Leeds is 12%, once again indicating the small university town structure that defines Headingley.

In contrast to the modern university life, however, are the historic Victorian structured being rented off. Countless terraces line the streets that harken back to an older period in the country’s history. Other areas provide a combination of Victorian and Edwardian locations.

Prices are fairly priced though often receive significant discounts for recognized students. Some example include a beautiful and modern 1 bedroom flat for £390 per month.

A similarly-themed and furnished 2 bedroom house will cost approximately £495 per month. In some instances you can rent a flat in Leeds as low as £300 per month.

Headingley: Letting Agents

Priestley Estate & Lettings Leeds have a range of student lets ranging from shared houses to apartments, whilst also offering shared lets for professionals working in the area to family homes to rent. Our lettings agency also make it simple to live in our properties by offering rent with all bills included where applicable.

From Headingley:

  • Take B6159 to Scott Hall Rd/A61
  • Continue on A61. Take A58(M) and A643 to Elland Rd
  • Slight left onto Elland Rd – Destination will be on the left

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Priestley House, 170 Elland Rd, Leeds LS11 8BW

Headingley: Property to Rent

Search our Headingley Properties to Rent

Properties include 3-bed family homes, large 6 bedroom house shares to studio apartments.

Looking for something specific in Headingley, call our Leeds Office: 0113 222 4537

There is so much to see, hear, taste, and do in Headingley. Considering its size, it can be hard to believe so much fits inside of it. The small town college life create a unique demographic mix of youth and optimism.

Restaurants and leisure experiences will be a defining part of your nightlife experience, which is romantic in its own right. Shops and art galleries provide some of the extra nuances that appeal to a wide range of people and interests without ever becoming overbearing.

Add to this Headingley stadium and some reasonably priced housing and you may find yourself living there longer than you ever expected.

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