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How Does the Landlord Lettings Process Work in the UK?

  • Posted:  3 years ago
  • Categories:  Landlords

If you’re interested in hiring a property management company, but aren’t sure how the landlord lettings process works, keep reading. In this blog we go over the landlord lettings process step-by-step, as well as discussing the benefits of using a landlord lettings agent. 

How the Landlord Lettings Process Works

Each property management company will handle landlord lettings slightly differently, but at Valor Properties, we provide a level of personalised service second to none, matched with an extensive knowledge of the lettings market in Leeds and Bradford. 

Property Valuation

The first step in the landlord lettings process is property valuation. We draw on our extensive experience, and knowledge of the market to establish an accurate rental price for your property. We ensure that you receive what your property is worth, without alienating potential tenants. 

Landlord Lettings Advice Clinic

The next step in the landlord lettings process is a visit to our Landlord Lettings Advice Clinic where we will provide a number of recommendations for your property which could help you to achieve a higher rental price, and attract better tenants. We’ll also provide valuable advice on how to minimise void periods. 

Finding Tenants

After your rental property is ready for action, we’ll begin marketing your property and vetting applicants. This involves finding the right tenant for you (not just anyone!) before carrying out reference and credit checks to ensure their suitability. 

Legal Documents and Agreements

The next stage of the landlord lettings process is, depending on the package you select, taking care of any legalities,  tenancy agreements, and managing any maintenance work as required. 


The final stage of the landlord lettings process is completion with the tenant. This involves handing over responsibility for utilities, handing over the keys, and providing information about property management for future reference. 

What Do Landlord Letting Agents Do?

Whilst the landlord still owns the property, a landlord lettings agent will manage the property day-to-day, acting on behalf of the landlord. They handle tenant issues, disputes, repairs and maintenance, and handle the lettings process for new tenants. 

Why Should I Use a Landlord Letting Agent?

Using a landlord lettings agent saves you a lot of time and hassle, and means that you and your property are fully compliant with UK laws. It also means that, depending on your package, you will have limited contact with the tenant, and most disputes will come through, and be resolved by, your landlord lettings agent. 

What’s more, our 24/7 maintenance team is available to handle any urgent repairs and maintenance issues, meaning that you don’t receive any late night and weekend calls from the tenant. 

Valor Properties – Experienced Letting Agents in Leeds and Bradford

Valor Properties are experienced landlord letting agents in Leeds and Bradford. Our experienced landlord lettings team can make letting your house, flat or bungalow fast and easy, helping out with all the responsibilities of being a landlord.

A policy unique to Valor Properties is that every tenant we process requires a full time working guarantor. Whether a candidate is a student or works full time, a guarantor is required to be eligible to occupy one of our properties. This ensures that landlords are paid each month, regardless of the situation. 

What Our Clients Say

“Valor Properties arranged the lease of my property in Leeds city centre, as well as my insurance. They were swift and efficient throughout the whole process and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have dealt with James Priestley who I have found to be extremely competent and professional.” 

– Olly P