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How to find a good block management company

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What is Block Management

A block manager will take care of the common spaces in apartment complexes, housing projects, or office buildings when each unit is privately owned and self-managed.

A block frequently has a specified management agent who is in charge of providing a range of services to keep the block in excellent condition. This designated management agent will make sure that any external contractors provide good service and are cost-effective.

If you own or rent an apartment, you are probably already paying service fees to a block management firm that takes care of the building’s maintenance, general upkeep, and insurance. If you are unhappy with the service provided by your block management company, you might not realise how simple it is to switch companies.

How easy is it to change?

We usually need around 3 months’ notice; however, you may need to check with your current provider and confirm if this is different in your current contract.

We treat each and every site with the upmost integrity and deliver a level of professionalism that you can rely on. If your current development needs a new block management company, we will ensure a swift transition with minimal input from the freeholder.

Key services a block management company NEEDS to offer

  • Block property management
  • Company secretarial services
  • Regular resident/director meetings
  • AGM scheduling and chair of AGM meeting.
  • Lease enforcement
  • Lease compliance services
  • Leaseholder transfer/sales
  • Facilities Management & Maintenance
  • Frequent Property Inspections
  • Service charge accounting
  • Annual budget reviews
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Utility services
  • Legislation and lease advice
  • Appointed 24-hour block maintenance team with quality accredited contractors

Does your current block management company offer ALL these services? No? Don’t worry, Valor block management in Leeds and Bradford go above and beyond to ensure both residential and commercial blocks in Yorkshire meet your expectations. Offering these services make us experts in block management. We also provide weekly fire safety checks! Ensuring you always feel safe in your block. Your safety should be of paramount importance to a block management company, that’s why Valor block management has a dedicated 24-hour maintenance staff with excellent, qualified contractors. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that someone will be headed that way to fix it.


 A block manager’s key task is acting as a point of contact between tenants and landlords and informing owners and residents about block modifications. The block manager’s strong communication and rapport may be utilised to mediate any conflicts between people who live in the same building, as well as between renters and their landlords. A Valor block manager will be able to create strong relationships, think rationally, respond quickly and calmly when presented with a difficulty, and be proactive in polishing their knowledge and experience so that they can provide the best service possible to clients.

Does your block management company facilitate all of the above? If not get in touch now:


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