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Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Rental Properties

Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Rental Properties

While the UK government has rescinded its policy requiring rental properties to achieve an EPC rating of C or above by 2025, landlords are still encouraged to make their properties as energy efficient as possible. Achieving greater energy efficiency not only supports the UK’s goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 but can also lower tenants’ energy bills and make properties more desirable.

Replacing old lightbulbs and appliances with higher-rated, more efficient options is a straightforward way for landlords to boost a property’s energy performance. Installing LED lightbulbs throughout provides significant energy and cost savings compared to halogen bulbs. When purchasing new appliances, selecting those rated A+++ on energy labels will reduce usage. Proper disposal of replaced items is also important to consider.

Reducing heat loss through draught proofing and improved insulation are low-cost efficiency measures. Common areas for draught-proofing include doors, windows, chimneys, loft hatches and skirting boards. Upgrading attic and wall insulation further minimises heat waste. Replacing single-pane windows with double-glazed units and ensuring thermally efficient exterior doors also help retain interior warmth. Thick curtains positioned on windows further block heat transfer.

An EPC assessment rates a property’s energy usage on a scale of A to G and must be obtained when renting a home. Taking steps now to improve efficiency can raise a property’s rating for the future. Landlords are advised to discuss re-assessment with an accredited assessor after implementing upgrades to capture rating improvements.

Replacing older boilers with high-efficiency models can significantly cut energy consumption and costs. Insulating any water tanks also boosts performance. Overall, pursuing multiple low-and-no-cost solutions offers landlords a strategic approach to increasing rental yields through enhanced energy efficiency.

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Bethany Nicol, March 2024