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Installing Bathroom Lights


Bathroom lights have specific IP ratings to ensure safety in the bathroom. Not all lights are safe to be fitted in the bathroom, therefore checking the IP rating before choosing decorative lighting is very important.


Light fittings for all different uses have an IP rating, including bathroom, bedroom, and outside lights. The general rule for installing bathroom lights is for the IP rating to be 65 or above. However, every bathroom also has a zone and dependent on the zone’s location, it may be possible to install bathroom lights with a lower rating than 65 however we would advise against this.


Lighting Zones


Bathroom lighting consists of 3 zones (0-2), zone 0 is the most risk from water damage and zone 2 being more flexible.

Zone 0 – Closest to water or in some circumstances submerged into water, the bathroom light needs to have low voltage and have an IP rating of IP68.

Zone 1 – Susceptible to water splashes but won’t endure the full force of the shower water. The IP rating can be as low as IP44 if there is no water flow that will hit the light fitting.

Zone 2 – IP rating can also be as low as IP44 if there is no direct spray to the light. However, we advise that IP rating of IP65 is used for all bathroom lights to avoid damage and ensure safety.