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Is a Carpenter More Skilled Than a Joiner?

If you’re looking to hire a woodwork professional for an upcoming project, you might be wondering whether you need a Carpenter or a Joiner, and if there is even a difference between them. Before you go ahead and commission the wrong person, maybe cast an eye over this article…

Carpenters and Joiners are both skilled construction workers, but is a Carpenter more skilled than a Joiner? A Joiner is most suited for creating one-of-a-kind furniture, but a Carpenter is better suited for furniture installation.  That said, a stronger eye for detail is required for a Carpenter to install the material, and so a Carpenter could be classed as more skilled.

Continue reading to learn more about Carpenters and Joiners, as well as the ins and outs of what they do.

Is a Carpenter More Skilled Than a Joiner?

Without Joiners, there is no role for a Carpenter. They need one another but who is better qualified at their job? A Joiner is best suited to making one-of-a-kind furniture, but a Carpenter may be better suited to installing it. In reality, Carpenters and Joiners are both highly competent professionals.

But, when comparing Joinery with Carpentry, a Carpenter is the one who needs to focus on the smaller details on-site to make the material fit, so a keen eye for detail is essential. Because of this, some would say that a Carpenter is more skilled than a Joiner.

Their responsibilities obviously overlap, and you will frequently notice similar expertise between the two, but to show a clear distinction between them, we have gone into a bit more detail about the role, what they do, and the skills required for the job.

Skills of a Carpenter

Carpenters are the construction professionals who install the furnishings in your home. But, it is not only properties that they work on, they can also be seen working on major commercial business projects too.

Even within the Carpenter profession, there are specialties, which means that their duties extend beyond property and storefront design. Carpenters are also responsible for the construction of Hollywood film sets.

But what do they actually do and what are their skills?

We’ve listed a few popular Carpenter jobs below and the typical skills which are required for the job.

Carpenters Fit Floors

A Carpenter must have a good eye for detail in order to measure and shape material, which demands mathematical abilities. This also necessitates critical thinking in order to accurately assess the layout of the floor. All of this, in addition to detailed planning, to determine what needs to be cut, finished, and installed.

Carpenters Fit Staircases

A Carpenter fixes staircases, which is a slow procedure that typically involves patience, but also the ability to measure the material needed to fit exactly, mechanical skills, and physical strength to fit the staircase.

Carpenters Fix Window Frames

Some window frame repairs are simple, but it is always best to use a Carpenter because they are highly trained in spotting what needs to be fixed. This involves Carpenters inspecting, assessing, painting, reinstalling fixtures, and using power tools along the way.

Carpenters Install Cupboards and Shelving

It can take some time for Carpenters to build cupboards and storage. It is not an easy job, which is why specific abilities are required. Mechanical and physical skills are essential in this task, but that doesn’t mean mathematical aptitude, critical thinking, and detail orientated skills like building and cutting aren’t as important.

All of the jobs listed are not exhaustive, there is a huge list of possible jobs that require a Carpenter.

Skills of a Joiner

A Joiner could be classed as a construction professional working behind the scenes.

Joiners are the ones who create the wooden goods that a Carpenter installs on-site. A Joiner is usually contacted to build windows, and doors for a new structure. Typically they are based off-site and would ‘join’ wood in a workshop. But what are their skills? We’ve listed a few popular Joiner jobs below and the typical skills which are common amongst Joiners.

Joiners Make doors and Window Frames

A Joiner measures the existing window space and then either manufactures, restores, or replaces old wooden frames for new, treated wood, ensuring that your replacement windows are flawless.

Joiners Create Fitted Furniture

Making furniture is a physically demanding task, but it also requires great mathematical skills in order to manufacture furniture to exact specifications. It can also be a very creative task, thus a creative flair is essential in this role.

Joiners Build Stairs

Building stairs can be time-consuming because it is not a small task. As a result, patience and solid time management skills are required. Building stairs also requires a lot of cutting and shaping, so having a good eye for this is essential.

These are only a few of the responsibilities and skills required by Joiners, there is a long list of the various types of jobs that Joiners are involved in.

How To Become a Joiner or Carpenter

The best way to become a Joiner or a Carpenter is to gain hands-on experience.

You could train as a Joiner or Carpenter by completing an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery. Both routes will include on-the-job training as well as time spent with a college or training provider.

There are numerous colleges and training institutes that offer this type of training, so check with your local college if this is a career that interests you.

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