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Is Leeds the Best Place to Rent for Young Professionals?

Leeds Waterfront

If you’re a young professional, or a recent graduate, you might be wondering where the best place to live in the UK is for your needs. But, have you considered Leeds? In this article we’ll take you through the perks of living in Leeds, as well as how average rent prices compare to other cities. Hint: Leeds is a great choice…

Properties to Rent in Leeds are Cheaper than Most Other Cities

According to our own figures, properties in Leeds are, on average, cheaper than comparable cities in the UK. By comparable cities, we mean cities that match Leeds in terms of career opportunities, universities and student life, nightlight, food and drink, and entertainment. 

Average Rent Prices in Leeds

Average rent prices in Leeds haven’t gone up by much in the past 10 years, and considerably less than comparable cities like Manchester and London.  In 2011 the average rent price in Leeds was £555, whereas in 2021 average rent prices in Leeds have only risen by £100 to £655.

Meanwhile, in nearby Bradford, rent prices in 2021 averaged at £431, £10 cheaper than in 2011. 

Average Rent Prices in Manchester

Rightmove estimates the average rent price in Manchester to be £689 per month. If you’re set on living in Manchester, an extra £30 per month probably won’t break the bank. However, the ONS states that average salaries in Leeds are around £2000 more than in Manchester. 

Average Rent Prices in Birmingham

In Birmingham, the average rent price in 2021 is £702, according to Rightmove. But, the average salary doesn’t increase alongside it. Leeds’ average annual salary is just about £1000 more than in Birmingham, yet rent prices in Leeds are £50 less per month. 

Average Rent Prices in London

Rightmove estimates the average rent price in London to be £2059 per month, almost 3 times higher than in Leeds. Of course, salaries are higher in London to accommodate this, but why pay for more when you can have a comparable lifestyle in Leeds for far less?

Average Rent Prices in Cardiff

The average rent price in Cardiff in 2021 is £660, only £5 per month more than in Leeds. Similarly, average salaries are currently at £23,411 in Cardiff, whereas in Leeds the average salary is £23,115. 

Average Rent Prices in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, the average rent price in 2021 is £714 per month. This is an increase of £59 per month on the average rent price in Leeds, but average salaries in Edinburgh are also higher at £25, 720.

Best Places to Live in Leeds For Young Professionals

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to live in Leeds as a young professional, taking into account rent prices, transport links, and local amenities. 

Leeds Waterfront/City Centre

Many young professionals want to live in the city centre of Leeds, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only does it cut down on transport costs, but you get a whole host of entertainment, shopping, nightlife, food and drink (and the best takeaway options!) right on your doorstep. 

For a one bedroom apartment in the city centre, you can expect rental prices of between £650 – £800 per month.  A three bedroom apartment in the city centre can set you back  between £1100 – £1500 per month.


Headingly is known as a big student community, but it’s also great for young professionals due to it being a short walk into the city centre, and having a good range of pubs and restaurants without having to go into town. 

A two bedroom house in Headingley could set you back around £693 per month.

Cross Gates

Cross Gates has great transport links into the City Centre, and towards nearby York, making it an ideal location for commuters. What’s more, Cross Gates boasts a number of pubs, bars and restaurants, as well as shopping options at The Springs. The town pretty much has everything you’d get living in the city, without the hustle and bustle.

To rent in Cross Gates, expect to pay between £550 and £800.

To learn more about the best places to live in Leeds, visit our recent blog post

Where Not to Live in Leeds as a Young Professional

We’ve also listed some of the places in Leeds which are less suitable for young professionals, mostly due to their hefty price tag or bad transport links. 

Chapel Allerton

Whilst a lovely place to live, Chapel Allerton is one of the more upmarket, and therefore more expensive, areas to live, which may not be the most realistic option for young professionals. 

To rent in Chapel Allerton, expect a price tag of around £650-£850. 


Buses from Adel to Leeds City Centre are actually fairly regular but, like in Chapel Allerton, renting in Adel can be expensive for young professionals. Rent prices in Adel can vary between around £650 and £900-£1000, depending on the size and quality of the house. 


Whilst still not terrible, buses from Alwoodley to Leeds city centre only run about every 30 minutes, whereas somewhere closer to the city centre, you can expect a bus every 10 minutes or so. 

Meanwhile, rent prices in Alwoodley are equally as expensive as Adel and Chapel Allerton at around £750 – £850 per month. 

Leeds UK Nightlife

As a young professional, nightlife could be a big factor in where you choose to live. Luckily, Leeds’ nightlife is pretty great. On your doorstep is a wide range of pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a number of theatres and sports venues. 

What’s more, you’re likely to find any cuisine that takes your fancy without even needing to leave your home with great takeaway services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats operating across the city. 

In Leeds, whether you choose big night in or big night out, the possibilities are endless.

Career Opportunities & Graduate Opportunities in Leeds

You’ve probably heard that Leeds is a part of the Northern Powerhouse, but what does that mean exactly? Well, in part, it relates to graduate opportunities and career opportunities for young professionals. 

Leeds has a strong digital marketing presence, as well as law and finance, as well as plenty of opportunities in retail and hospitality. With three universities in the city, Leeds is also great for academics and budding teachers. 

Student Homes in Leeds

With three universities in Leeds, student homes are in high demand. With that, you might be wondering where are the best places to live in Leeds for students. 


Students have started moving back towards the city centre in recent years, meaning that average rent prices in Headingley haven’t increased like in other student areas. 

Whilst the lower price is an obvious attraction, Headingley also boasts a wide range of bars and restaurants, meaning that students don’t need to head into the city every other night for entertainment. 

Hyde Park and Woodhouse 

Hyde Park and Woodhouse are both within walking distance of the universities, meaning that students don’t need to splash out on transport. Like Headingley, there’s also a number of bars and restaurants nearby and, obviously, the greenery of Hyde Park. 

Young Professionals and Student Lettings in Leeds

Valor Properties has a number of properties to rent across the Leeds area that are ideal for young professionals and students alike. Take a look at our current lettings in Leeds on our website, or get in touch with us to learn more.