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Live up the Student life in Leeds

  • Posted:  9 years ago
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Live up the Student life in Leeds!

We all know that university is a time to grow up, finally leave home and explore different adventures of a new city. You may feel nervous, scared and excited all rolled into one coming to Leeds to study, but by gum, you shouldn’t be! It’s one of the best city centres for cocktails, clothes and company!

When coming to Leeds there is plenty to do to keep you occupied. For the infrequent sunshine that we get in the North, the best place to visit would be Roundhay Park. There is a skateboard park, an ice cream van and also Tropical World around the corner, which is perfect if you’re an animal lover.

Also its jam-packed with locals or students. With plenty of space, you could even take down a BBQ and sizzle up in the good weather. Or if you’re a boozer, (and as a fresher I’m sure you will soon become one) there’s a pub right on the corner called The Roundhay Fox, which has various different food offers such as on Wednesdays, vintage pie day, or on a Sunday took into a classic Yorkshire Sunday roast.

If you’re looking for something more unusual to do, situated in Hyde Park there is a vintage cinema, which is called The Hyde Park Picture House. This is one of the oldest cinemas in the country. Despite the outbreak of war in August 1914, the Hyde Park Picture House was built and opened ready for business on the 7th November 1914. Over time it became the backdrop to many little off screen dramas, it was a hot spot for young couples and many a romance blossomed in the back row. Definitely a treat for those who love a good film (apart from this is no Netflix!) Or possibly the Otley Run which most students take part in throughout the year, apart from it’s not a run it’s a pub crawl. It was formerly known as The Headingley Mile and historically was a mile stretch of Tetley pubs leading into Leeds City Centre. Over the years more pubs and bars have opened stretching it, depending on what route you take, up to 7.8 miles in length. Students and graduates alike don fancy dress for the Otley Run and try to tackle having a drink in each of the twenty pubs on the run. Which then leads you just in the north of the city centre to then carry on the antics if needs be.

Shopaholic maybe? Then visit the fabulous new Trinity based in Leeds city filled with a wide range of shops to fit unique tastes. For you bargain hunters there is a three storey high Primark filled with cheap but fantastic goodies from clothing to the towels in your bathroom. There are plenty of restaurants for a spot of lunch or bars with amazing cocktails to quench on your taste buds: Primos based at the Corn Exchange, My Thai which is located in the Merrion Centre or Calls Landing which is on Call Lane serves what we’d call proper Yorkshire food – Stew and an ale for just £6.50. All these restaurants you can be fed and watered for under a tenner.

‘Right that’s it, one for road!’ A true Yorkshire saying for this is supposedly the last drink but we all know we’ll stay until last orders. If you’re planning a night out the University has a nightclub with multiple bands playing, by purchasing tickets in advance you can secure front row seats. Fibre and Viaduct are an all time favourite for people of any age, with live drag acts, to the saucy bar men and eighties’ iconic music I think we know why we would love to visit. If you’re into music; First Direct Arena or the O2 academy in town are incredible if you’re a lover of live gigs.

We hope this student blog from Priestley Estate & Letting Agents has been of help if you’re new to Leeds, unsure on what to do and what to expect. Hopefully Leeds will leave its mark on you like it has on all of us – the Yorkshire way, love!

Top tips to being a new student:

  1. Have a positive attitude – Especially when it comes to money, which we know can be tight when being a student, budget your loans well and hand your CV out at the shops and restaurants in the centre. They are very accommodating and generally have evening and weekend work to fit around your timetable.
  2. Ask for help – If you’re lost around the university campus ask someone. Even if it’s another pupil, that way you’re actually making friends as well as getting use to your surroundings.
  3. Mainly, do have fun – don’t be too stressed and keep your head in your books (all the time). Chill out and have fun; you’re only a fresher once.
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