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If you’re looking to market your home, keep reading to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the property industry.

Forget trend analysts and property commentators; if you want insight into housing trends, go to estate agents.
Agents have their finger on the pulse of shifting property tastes since they spend so much time looking around people’s houses.
They apply this information when writing the marketing descriptions you read on property marketplaces. These are intended to showcase a home’s greatest features and attract qualified purchasers.

Rightmove has now examined the marketing content that appears on its website, paying special attention to the features that estate agents most commonly highlight. The findings reflect British consumers’ shifting tastes and priorities in 2022.
First, consider the key words that have gained popularity and those that have declined in popularity over the last decade.

What’s in

  • Garden office, have increased by 1,046%
  • Bi-fold doors have increased by 589%.
  • Orangery has increased by 173%.
  • Underfloor heating has increased by 114%.
  • Summerhouse has increased by 90%.
  • open plan has Increased by 74%

What’s out

  • Conservatory has dropped 52%.
  • Greenhouse has dropped 46%.
  • 29% decrease in fitted wardrobes
  • 28% decrease in dining rooms

The Covid impact

The pandemic altered many people’s expectations of what they want in a house. With more of us working remotely at least some of the time, house buyers are seeking for a home that can accommodate their work demands (thus the huge increase in the usage of the term “garden office”).

Flexible spaces

According to the report, purchasers desire places that can adjust to their wants, which explains the popularity of ‘bi-fold doors’ (up 589%). When closed, they create a barrier between the home and the garden, but when open, they provide a free-flowing indoor-outdoor area.

It’s also worth noting the development of orangeries and summerhouses over conservatories and greenhouses. Orangeries and summerhouses may easily double as an office during the week and a recreational place on weekends. Conservatories, on the other hand, might be too cold to operate in during the winter, whilst greenhouses are only suitable for gardeners.

Casual living

While ‘open plan’ has been a prominent selling factor, dining rooms are in decline. Is this because we prefer casual get-togethers over formal dinner parties?

Environmental aspects

According to the data, listings referencing ‘electric car charging outlets’ increased by 495% in the last year, indicating greater environmental consciousness.

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