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Maximising Your Rural Assets With Valor Properties Land Management

Your country home comes with land, but what should you do with the extra acreage? Renting it out can provide supplementary income if you partner with the right company. At Valor Properties Land Management in Leeds, we make the most of your rural assets. With our expertise, your open fields or forested acres turn into profit centers. Don’t let your land lie fallow. Instead, put it to work with the help of Valor’s rental management services in Leeds. We handle every detail, from finding tenants to drawing up agreements. You gain income while avoiding hassles. Let us show you how country living can pay its own way. With Valor, your land works for you.

Considerations Before Renting Out Your Land With Valor Properties Land Management

Type of Agreement

The first consideration is what type of agreement you want to put in place. For larger parcels of land, an agricultural tenancy or farm business tenancy may be suitable. These grant the tenant exclusive use of the land for a fixed period and can provide a good income. However, for small plots a grazing licence or profit à prendre (right of herbage) agreement may be better. These allow temporary use of the land for grazing but avoid creating a tenancy. Speaking to a land management expert in Leeds can help determine the best option based on your needs.

Finding an Occupier

For large, flat and fertile fields, letting to a local farmer is typically the simplest and most profitable option. Asking neighbouring farmers if they need extra land is a good place to start. For smaller plots or land suitable for grazing horses, advertising on equestrian websites and Facebook groups may find you an occupier. In either case, conduct thorough checks on potential tenants before entering into any agreement.

Facilities and Access

The facilities and access your land offers will significantly impact the rental price and options available. Fields with direct road access, fencing, available water supply and potential for temporary stables will attract more interest than a sloping two-acre paddock tucked behind your property. Consider whether any improvements could increase your land’s appeal and rentability before letting.

Considerations for Letting Land in Leeds

While renting out land in Leeds can provide additional income, there are certain responsibilities and risks that require consideration. The landowner remains liable for property taxes, maintenance costs, and compliance with environmental regulations. There is also the risk of non-payment of rent or damage to the property. A carefully drafted lease agreement along with tenant references obtained through a professional land management company in Leeds can help minimise risks.

With an appropriate lease in place, suitable tenants, and proper facilities, letting spare land in Leeds has the potential to generate returns from rural assets. However, it does involve certain obligations and risks that must be fully understood before proceeding. Consulting with an experienced land management agent in Leeds can help guide review of the options and ensure selection of the best path given individual needs and circumstances.

Options for Maximising Your Rural Assets in Leeds

Letting Fields to a Farmer

For landowners with larger parcels of land, letting fields to local farmers can be an appealing choice. This arrangement is often the simplest to set up but still provides a steady income. Work with an expert to determine the best agreement for your needs, whether an agricultural tenancy, grazing license or profit à prendre. An agricultural tenancy, for example, grants the farmer exclusive use of the land for a fixed time period. A grazing license or profit à prendre may be better if you want to avoid creating a long-term tenancy. You can typically earn £90-110 per acre for grassland in Leeds.

Letting Out Land for Grazing Horses

Letting fields for grazing horses can also be quite profitable, especially for smaller parcels of land that may not interest farmers. You can charge around £350-400 per acre depending on the location and available facilities. For small areas of land, it is best to let the entire field to one person under a grazing license or common law tenancy. A tenancy allows you to place more obligations on the tenant regarding fence repair, ragwort removal and waste collection. There must also be easy access to the fields.

Operating a Livery Yard

If you own an equestrian property, you may want to consider operating it as a livery yard where horse owners rent space to keep their animals. This use requires a different type of tenancy agreement to cover the business aspect. Operating a livery yard can be more work but often provides higher returns than simply letting land for grazing. An expert land manager in Leeds can help determine if this option is right for your property and advise on the proper agreements.

Maximising the potential of your rural assets requires balancing risk, reward, and the effort you want to expend. By exploring options with the help of professionals, you can find the right choice to generate income from your land.

Finding the Right Agreement for You With Valor Properties Land Management in Yorkshire

To maximise the potential of your rural assets, it’s important to find the appropriate agreement for letting out your land. The type of agreement will depend on the size and features of your land, how much involvement you want in its management, and your goals.

Farm Business Tenancy in Leeds

For larger plots of arable land, a Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) may be ideal. An FBT grants the tenant exclusive use of the land for agricultural purposes for a fixed term, typically 3-10 years. As the landowner, you will receive an annual rent but have limited involvement in the day-to-day management of the land. FBTs offer the opportunity for long-term, secure income but obligate you to a multi-year commitment.

Grazing Licence

For smaller grassland parcels, a grazing licence allows you to rent out the land for a grazing season while avoiding the creation of a legal tenancy. Licences typically run from April to October and allow you to place certain obligations on the licensee regarding fence maintenance, ragwort removal, and manure collection. A grazing licence offers flexibility but less security of income than an FBT.

Profit à Prendre Agreement

A Profit à Prendre agreement, or right of herbage, effectively sells the crop grown on your land to the occupier. For grassland, this means selling the grass and allowing the buyer’s livestock to graze the land. Profit à Prendre agreements typically command a higher rent than licences but a lower rent than FBTs. They represent a middle ground, offering more flexibility than an FBT but more security than a licence.

The ideal agreement for your land will ultimately depend on your priorities and risk tolerance as a landowner. Valor Properties Land Management can review the specifics of your land and goals to determine the best option. We handle all aspects of the letting process from marketing and viewings to drawing up professional agreements and collecting rent. Our experience in rural property management in Leeds helps ensure you maximise the potential of your assets.


Renting out unused land can turn your rural property into an income generator. With the right agreements in place, unused fields and acreage become profitable assets. Whether you opt for a low-maintenance arrangement with a farmer or take on the higher rewards and risks of running your own equine livery business, the possibilities are plentiful. Your country home can pay its way. Contact Valor Properties today to unlock the earning potential of your land assets in Leeds. We’ll ensure the agreements protect your interests so you can sit back and enjoy your new revenue stream.

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