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Meet Shannon, Our New Facilities Manager in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Overseeing Facilities Operations

As the facilities manager, Shannon oversees all aspects of building functions and guarantees the safety and functionality of all facilities. Her duties include running routine safety inspections, corresponding with contractors, planning maintenance work, maintaining records, and supervising staff.

Implementing New Processes

To optimise our facilities management, Shannon will review and improve current practices. This may involve implementing new computerised maintenance management software, refining preventative maintenance schedules, and streamlining contractor coordination procedures. Shannon will work closely with department heads to understand their needs and find ways to better support staff through improved facilities services.

Focusing on Sustainability

In keeping with the company’s values, Shannon will identify opportunities to make our operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This could include reducing energy usage, improving recycling programs, buying sustainable and eco-friendly supplies, and minimising waste. Shannon is passionate about sustainability and will help set and achieve meaningful goals to lessen our environmental impact.

Providing Strong Leadership

With a wealth of experience, Shannon is well equipped to lead the facilities management team. She will mentor and support her staff, helping them to develop their skills and advance their careers. Shannon believes in recognising good work, and will implement new reward and recognition programs. Her positive and collaborative management style will help bring out the best in all team members.

We are pleased to welcome Shannon to her new role. With her expertise and leadership, facilities management is in good hands.

Shannon’s Key Responsibilities for Property Management

Overseeing Daily Operations and Maintenance

As facilities manager, Shannon will oversee all daily operations and maintenance of the properties. This includes conducting routine inspections to identify any issues with building infrastructure or equipment that requires repair or replacement. Shannon will also review maintenance requests from tenants and determine the priority level for addressing issues reported.

Managing Repairs and Renovations

When repairs or renovations become necessary, Shannon will solicit bids from qualified contractors, review the proposals, and select the most suitable contractors for the work. Shannon will create a schedule for the work to minimise disruption to tenants and ensure the work is completed on time and within budget. Shannon will inspect the work to confirm it meets the required standards prior to final payment to the contractors.

Maintaining Records and Compliance

Shannon will maintain detailed records of all inspections, repairs, maintenance, and financial transactions related to the properties. Shannon will also ensure the properties remain in compliance with all building codes, health and safety regulations, and current laws. This includes scheduling and overseeing any required inspections by government authorities.

Budgeting and Planning

To optimise operations and costs, Shannon will develop an annual budget for facilities management and maintenance. Shannon will determine funding priorities, control expenses, and make adjustments as needed to stay within the established budget. Shannon will also create both short-term and long-range plans for any major infrastructure upgrades or overhauls to be completed.

Maintaining Safe and Functional Facilities in Leeds

As the facilities manager, it is your responsibility to guarantee that all company facilities in Leeds remain safe, compliant, and fully operational. Routine Inspections and Maintenance To ensure facilities are functioning properly, you will conduct routine inspections of the premises, equipment, and systems. Check that emergency exits are clear, fire detection and suppression systems are active, and that all areas meet health and safety standards. Schedule necessary repairs or replacements to avoid disruptions.

Managing Contractors and Vendors

You will communicate with contractors and vendors to plan and oversee renovation projects, large-scale maintenance, and emergency repairs. Review bids, check credentials and references, and supervise work to guarantee it is performed safely, ethically, and according to specifications.

Record Keeping and Reporting

Maintain detailed records of inspections, repairs, maintenance, warranties, and replacements to optimise budgeting and planning. Provide regular reports to upper management on the state of company facilities, risks or issues, and proposals for improvements to maximise productivity, sustainability, and cost efficiency.

Supervising Support Staff

As facilities manager, you will supervise the facilities support staff to ensure all daily operations and maintenance tasks are completed properly. Conduct performance reviews, provide guidance and training, delegate responsibilities, and address any issues that arise. Support staff are essential partners in keeping the facilities fully functional.

By rigorously and consistently applying best practices in facilities management, you can guarantee that all building locations in Leeds remain safe, compliant, and operationally efficient. Frequent inspections, proactive maintenance, responsible contractor oversight, detailed record keeping, and competent support staff supervision are all integral parts of providing functional and secure facilities in Leeds.


As a company, we are thrilled to welcome Shannon as our new Head of Facilities Management. With Shannon’s expertise and leadership, we can rest assured that our facilities management in Leeds will operate smoothly and safely. Shannon’s oversight of building functions, contractors, maintenance, and records will prove invaluable. We look forward to working with Shannon and benefiting from the diligence and care that Shannon will undoubtedly bring to this vital role. Shannon’s supervision of the facilities management team will ensure that all staff are supported.