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Moving home? Do not stress!

moving day

As everyone knows moving home can be a mixture of different emotions. You may feel sad leaving behind fond memories you’ve created within the household, or you may see it as a new, fresh beginning where independence is just starting. Whatever feeling you are encountering when moving house do not let this affect your whole process. Whether you’re over excited and make yourself believe you have everything or maybe you’re stressing about not having enough – just remember to breathe! This blog offers help, guidance and also a virtual friend when moving home.

Make sure you have vital things planned in advance. For example, on moving day who is helping you? Have you roped in mum, dad, friends and colleagues? Make sure you have enough help to hand to transport your belongings from your current property to your next one. Also if a lot of things need to be moved (like furniture) and you do not have someone to lend a spare hand, a helpful but costly solution may be to hire a moving van to accommodate big pieces of furniture, like sofas and fridges. Alternatively, if you want to minimise the stress, another solution may be to hire removal companies to help move your belongings if you are by yourself.

ALWAYS place furniture in the house before boxes. This allows space for boxes to jigsaw around the furniture. I’d recommend looking through all your belongings before moving and really questioning yourself how often you use these? Try to declutter before moving, go through your wardrobe and ask yourself when was the last time you wore that green silk shirt? Or used that popcorn maker that you got as a Christmas gift five years ago? Carboots are good ways to make money from your second hand goods, or also try eBay. This just makes the whole process a lot easier.

To make yourself more familiar with your new home, ask questions to the previous owners or estate and letting agent which will make moving in a lot easier:

  • Where’s the main stopcock? (so water can be shut off)
  • Where are the gas and electricity meters?
  • Is there any special cleaning product for the surfaces? (wood etc.)
  • When are the bins collected?
  • Are there any instruction manuals for electrical items, which are within the household?
  • Which companies supply the energy, broadband, home phone etc?
  • Know your way around the rental process.

Redirect your post!! Make sure your address is changed so all post comes to you directly. Do this in advance so they know for definite where you’re moving to. This helps decreases the risk of fraud and reduces hassle. You should also ring up the different utility companies you are currently with and tell them where you are moving to, although this can be time consuming. Another way to do this is paying the post office to redirect your post at a cost of £29.99, which includes overseas.

I would recommend fully cleaning your new pad before settling in. (especially if renting) Kim and Aggie style! This ensures it’s completely clean (possibly safe in some cases). Below is a link for cheap cleaning tips to ensure you save as much money in an expensive situation.

Before moving into your new rental property, label all boxes just to avoid confusion. Another handy tip would be to put screws, bolts and bits and bobs into freezer bags and stick them onto the relevant piece of furniture to ensure that any spare parts which are needed are definitely attached to the correct furniture.

Moving home might seem like a living nightmare or a blessing in disguise in some cases. However, don’t let the moving home stage wreck any upcoming events happening in your new household. Make your house a home by filling it with happiness, love and laughter.

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