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Pre-Sale Enquiries

For any leaseholder selling their flat, the buyer’s solicitor will require a pre-sale information package (also known as LPE1 enquiries) at some point in order to complete the sale. This package contains significant details about the building pertaining to services charges, major works projects, budgets, health and safety standards, and more. Providing this information to the buyer prior to closing allows them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Once we receive such a request from a solicitor and the required administration fee, we aim to fully complete and return the pre-sale information package within two business days. Our goal is to efficiently provide the necessary documentation to facilitate a smooth conveyancing process for our leaseholders.

Valor Properties provides premier block management services throughout West Yorkshire without any upfront costs. To learn how our professional team can assist you, please contact us at our office located at 32 Park Cross Street in Leeds, call us at 0113 222 4537, or email Whether you require pre-sale enquiries or other block management support, we are here to help.