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Priestley Lettings Wins International Property Award for West Yorkshire

International Property Award for West Yorkshire - Priestley Lettings

In this year’s International Property Awards, Valor Properties has been announced as the best West Yorkshire lettings company. The agency, founded in 2010, has an office in Leeds, based in the heart of the city, and another one in Bradford, located directly opposite the University. Priestley Lettings was selected as the best estate & lettings agency in Yorkshire and was awarded in a ceremonial event held at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

The awards that are given in this ceremony seek to appreciate and celebrate companies in the real estate sector, both residential and commercial properties to rent, and agencies in other property management sector that have attained significant achievements. Commercial and residential property professionals from all countries in the world can win the International Property Award. Usually, the organisers of the awarding ceremony split them into regions that cover Asia, Canada, Africa, UK, Caribbean, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, USA, Europe, and Arabia.

Before getting to the finals, real estate professionals and other contestants must join at their respective national levels. At this level, experienced judges vet them according to a variety of property disciplines. They use these disciplines and other achievements to select the winners of the reputable awards. The judges comprise of a team of experienced property experts who understand all property management matters and disciplines.

Agencies that win at the national level get invited by the organisers of the awards to an awards dinner organised based on the recognised regions. At this level, agencies can use their logos to market their brand. The experienced judges pick the top-scorers from each of the regions. Once the winners from all the regions are identified by the judges, they qualify for the final contest. The international property awards are given to the best property companies in the world after a panel of experienced and independent judges gives the final decisions.

Recently, the judges commended Priestley Lettings for excelling in multiple areas. Some of the areas that enable the company to win this prestigious award include the following:


Priestley Lettings has an experienced marketing team that plays a significant role in its growth and development.

Customer Service

Companies that succeed in the world today treat their customers with respect and dignity. The ability of the customer care team of the Priestley Lettings to handle its clients professionally won it the International Property Award.

Staff Satisfaction

The staff members of each company are vital stakeholders that determine its growth and success. According to the judges, staff satisfaction at the Priestley Lettings was excellent. The employees enjoyed a comfortable working environment that enabled them to offer exceptional services to their clients.

Business Expansion

For a company to win the international property award, its growth rate must be remarkable. Since the establishment of Priestley Lettings, it has been growing significantly in all sectors due to its experienced leadership.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Priestly, the firm has helped many landlords and students to manage and find high-quality properties. Within seven years, the company has been able to build up an excellent reputation that makes it a perfect option for students and landlords.

Nathan Priestly received the international property award alongside staff members of his company. He thanked the international body of judges for recognising Priestley Lettings both at the regional and global level. This is a clear indication that the company offers unrivalled property management, marketing, and customer care services in the world. The reputable firm has experienced staff members who deliver efficient and professional services that leave both the tenants and property owners satisfied.