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Student Lettings Keeping Up with Design Trends

  • Posted:  7 years ago
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Student Lettings Design Trends - Priestley Lettings

University students today are more in touch than ever with design trends. They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to ask for it and it’s important to know which particular trends are in play at any given moment. Any UK letting company management that can provide for the needs of students is likely to see their business continue to grow. If you are thinking about renting to students or already do so, you’ll want to understand the mindset of today’s students well and offer them something special.

The Bed

One of the most important aspects of student lettings is the bed. The bed is the first thing many students check the second they enter the room. This is where they start to think about if the room is right for their own personal needs. You want to provide them with a bed that looks good and has enough width. The standard bed size has expanded in the last few years. You need to think about your current beds. If they are less than 4′, it may be time to upgrade to a larger model with more space. Make it even more luxurious with the use of an upholstered headboard made from easy care fabrics.

Enough Seating

Students love to socialize, they want to be with friends and family even if the space is not large. Look for seating that is comfortable, large and versatile. Providing enough seating is important, couches that allow them to stretch out and relax. Sofa beds are an ideal solution to this issue as it provides students with both extra space for seating and an additional bedding option for anyone who wants to stay the night.

A Larger Wardrobe

As the size of electronics have shrunk, more and more students are realizing they don’t need as much desk. A laptop takes up far less desk space than a desktop computer. It’s also easy to use on a couch. Students are happy to see their desks shrink and instead look for larger wardrobes. Many students have many items of clothing. They want a letting that lets them see what they can wear each day and has space for other items as well such as accessories, shoes and cold weather gear at the same time.

Great Lighting

Small task lighting allows them to concentrate on a paper or presentation with larger overhead lighting is also crucially important as it helps illuminate the entire space. Provide your tenants with many kinds of lighting options from a desk table lamp to windows that let in natural light. Headboard lighting lets them stay in bed and work there at the same time. Let students choose the kind of brightness they want in the space via the use of dimmer switches. This allows the create a mood in the room that is appealing and warm. A space that looks inviting and full of light is one that is likely to attract more attention and be easier to let to a wide variety of students.

Lots of Storage

Storage is an increasingly important thing for students from all walks of life and look to lettings that allow them to store their items easily. They want storage solutions that is thoughtful and makes the best use of the interior space. Look for ways to maximize the storage potential in the room with the use of shelving, pull out drawers can be placed under the bed and then rolled out as needed. Innovative design will attract students and keep your rooms let all year round.

Today’s Student Lifestyle

Change happens fast in the world of student letting, keep in mind that students today do less cooking than ever before. They may make a salad or grab a quick bite to eat from a local pizza place and then head home. They don’t always want or need much kitchen space. A single minimalist area with cooking items and some appliances are ideal. Many students will happily sacrifice cooking space for more opportunities to socialize and spend time with friends.

More Relaxed Now

Perhaps above all, bear in mind that students have a more relaxed lifestyle than ever before. Students are no longer looking for formal spaces. Instead, they want spaces that call to mind relaxation and a casual setting the second they see them. It’s important to have spaces that allow for more informality. Help students get together for parties with spaces that can configured in many different ways. Give them space to store a suitcase for international travel as well as items that can be stored away when not in use. If the room has good bones, show it off. For example, a great view can be shown off with a comfy window seat. The window seat provides a nice place to study and allows the occupant extra space as the same time. You want to think about the space in new ways, something truly innovative, fun and different.