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Student Survival Guide this Winter

  • Posted:  7 years ago
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Student Winter Survival Guide - Priestley Lettings

For a student, the winter season can be challenging in regards to keeping a thriving social life, enjoying outdoor activities, and staying healthy. Even in the coldest conditions, there are still plenty of ways to keep your life enjoyable and your health status optimal.

Spend Less Time Outside

Spending time outside is impossible to prevent considering your need to walk to classes, walk to work, going out to eat, going shopping, or just spending some leisurely time with your mates. Be sure to limit your time outside and return to a warm, safe place to let your body recover from the cold temperatures.

At this time of life we all experience the “invincible” feeling, but every winter cases of hypothermia spike in University cities and when there is heavy snow there are also a few reported deaths every year.

Take a jacket on nights out and make sure you have a ride home.

Light Therapy For Seasonal Depression

The reduced amount of daily sunlight can cause some people to develop a disorder called seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) is a type of depression that develops due to shorter days and a reduced amount of sunlight exposure.

Also known as seasonal depression, this medical condition can be treated in a number of different ways. The most common way to treat seasonal depression for students is with light therapy. Light therapy is simply exposing your face to a brighter-than-usual light at least once a day. Lamps for light therapy can come in many different forms including alarm clocks, desk lamps, and compact light boxes.

Healthy Eats and Treats

During the winter months, your immune system can really be put to the test. Viruses and bacteria are rampant during the winter. Combine this proliferation of germs with the inevitability of being in close quarters with sick strangers or sick mates in your flat and there’s no way for you to avoid coming into contact with illnesses. You can help yourself be in the best physical health possible to fight off these illnesses, however. Your best chance at preventing yourself from being bed-ridden for two weeks with a cold or the flu is a healthy diet.

Next time you go grocery shopping, be sure to skip the cookie and chip aisle to instead visit the fresh fruit and produce section. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that will strengthen your immune system. As an added benefit, don’t be shy about picking up a bottle of multi vitamins and some whole grain bread or crackers. Also, drink more water and tea to remain hydrated with fewer calories than soda.

Wintertime Spring Cleaning

It’s very common to feel a sense of apathy and lethargy during the winter time. It’s too cold to want to do anything outside and, sometimes, it’s too cold to do anything inside your flat that requires leaving your bed. There’s a great way to shake off that laziness and that’s by cleaning! It doesn’t sound as exciting as it actually is, but there are benefits to keeping your place moderately clean.

A good dusting can reduce the number of allergens in your flat which will help prevent the sniffles. Also, making sure to take out your rubbish on a regular basis will reduce the bacteria in the air. Invest in some antimicrobial cleaners to use on your doorknobs, light switches, and hand railings. Your mates will bring in their germs, wipe them all over your flat, and leave you to pick them up on your hands.

Warm Drinks Warm The Soul

Never underestimate the power of a warm, delicious drink on a cold body and a downtrodden soul. There’s a reason why the winter months bring in a love of hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot toddies. The cold, dry winter air will dry out your throat and make it sore and scratchy. A long sip from a hot drink will soothe and moisturize your dry throat. A hot drink can also promote circulation which provides healing and warmth to cold, aching muscles.

Electric Blankets and Hot-water Bottles

When you just need a day in bed with your laptop, nothing beats the winter chill like an electric blanket. Electric blankets are the unsung heroes of surviving winter. They come in many different sizes to fit any mattress. You’ll also find them covered in different fabrics with a multitude of settings. If an electric blanket is out of your price range, you can always spend a few pounds and get a hot-water bottle to snuggle with through the night.

Cook More Homemade Meals

Eating healthy is not just about the types of foods you eat, but is also about how those foods are prepared. Frying is the most unhealthy way to prepare foods, so when it comes to cooking your vegetables, steaming or baking are the healthiest options. If your mum gave you cooking lessons, try making a homemade meal for yourself at least once a day. This will cut out any unnecessary processed chemicals and will save you money in the long run.

Indulge In Comforting Home Entertainment

If it has not happened yet, it will. There comes a time in every students year when an unexpected expense blows the monthly budget and you need to spend some nights in. Watch a movie, order a pizza, snuggle up with a warm blanket, make some hot cocoa, and treat yourself. To make your movie night even better, call over some of your best mates to hang out. You could even play some games and keep one another company to help fight off cabin fever.

Layers, Layers, Layers

When the time comes to venture outside in windy, frigid conditions, always dress in layers. Wear a t-shirt under your jumper to help hold in your body heat. Wear long johns under your pants and two pairs of socks inside of your boots. Don’t forget to grab a heavy coat with gloves, a scarf, a hat, and ear muffs. Protect and cover as much of your bare skin as you can to prevent windburn and frostbite. Shea butter lotion or aloe vera cream are great for dry winter skin.

Take Time To Bathe

Most students will opt for a shower instead of a bath. It gets the job done in less time with less water. However, a warm bath is a treat during the winter months. The hot water will help warm our bodies and soothe any aches. The steam from the water will loosen any excess mucus caused by a cold and will also moisturize our throat. A perfect addition to a bath would be an essential oil to increase the healing effect of the warm water.

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