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The Rise of Serviced Offices Presents Significant Opportunities for Leeds Property Owners

The serviced office sector has emerged as a prominent segment within the commercial property industry, expanding beyond London into regional markets across the UK. According to recent research, serviced offices accounted for approximately 17% of total leasing activity within the Leeds commercial property market over the past year. This growing prominence of serviced office space providers has created opportunities for commercial property owners in the Leeds area.

Serviced office space focuses on crafting engaging and versatile workspaces tailored to tenants’ needs. This increased emphasis underscores the significance of appealing, high-quality interior design that enhances tenants’ experience. As a result, tenants are willing to pay higher rental rates for improved space—whether newly constructed or freshly renovated. On average, the top rental rates for refurbished Leeds offices currently approach £28.50 per square foot, indicating the value tenants place on well-designed, amenity-rich work environments.

In addition to appealing interior spaces, serviced offices revitalise buildings through communal activities and networking events that foster collaboration and business development. They also facilitate clusters of complementary businesses through shared resources and facilities, allowing small companies to access support normally only available to larger enterprises.

Serviced desks in Leeds on average rent for £300 per month, while coworking spaces rent for approximately £200 per month. This affordable, flexible workspace appeals to both small and large companies seeking temporary or permanent accommodations with minimal upfront costs.

There has been an increasing demand among property owners to repurpose formerly vacant areas and generate rental income. For property owners with available space, working with a property management provider can help turn that space into an income-generating asset through innovative design and amenities that appeal to today’s workforce. Please contact Valor Properties today if you have a vacant commercial property, and one of our experienced property managers would be happy to discuss how we can help maximise its potential.


Bethany Nicol
Property Manager
Valor Properties