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Things Property Managers Cannot Do

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A property manager acts as a go-between for tenants and landlords, acting on your behalf and managing your property. But, even though property managers are involved in almost everything to make living in your property as enjoyable as possible, there are some things they legally cannot, or should not, do.

So, what can property managers not do? Property managers are not permitted to visit your property at any time, disregard compliance issues, or submit inconsistent property reports, and much more. 

Continue reading to learn more about what your property management cannot do and how to deal with this situation.

8 Things Your Property Manager Can Not Do 

It is critical to understand what a property manager cannot do because this can have an impact on the property’s living standards.

Property Managers Can’t Drop-In On The Property 

Although the property manager has the authority to control the property’s maintenance, get involved in the renting process, and ensure the tenants are living in the property as comfortably as possible, they do not have the power to visit the property at any time. If an inspection or visitation is required, it should be discussed with the tenant and a time and date should be set.

If, on the other hand, a routine check is part of the contract, this should be agreed upon by the tenant and the property manager with regard to time and date. There is no reason for a property manager to use keys and enter the property without the permission of the tenants, except in emergency situations, and if a property manager shows up unannounced, tenants have the right to waive a property manager’s entry.

Property Managers Can’t Refuse Essential Repairs and Maintenance

Property managers are not allowed to refuse necessary repairs and upkeep of the rental property.

This includes structural repairs and the following:

  • Supply of hot water
  • Gas supplies
  • Electricity supply
  • Cleanliness (toilets, sinks, showers, baths, plumbing, etc.)
  • Heating supply

Other items included in the property, such as furniture and furnishings, are subject to the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Property Managers Can’t Provide an Inconsistent Cash Flow 

Another thing a property manager cannot do is generate inconsistent cash flow. A good property manager will ensure that your property is not vacant for long periods of time. All in all, if your property manager is doing his or her job well, the cash flow should be consistent. 

Property Managers Can’t Communicate Poorly

If your property manager is unreachable most of the time, this is a sign of a bad property manager and falls under the category of things they cannot do. What’s the point of spending extra money on a property manager if you don’t know what’s going on with your property? If your property manager fails to keep you updated or responds to your questions, consider it a red flag! 

Property Managers Can’t Steal From the Property

Property managers are tasked with the responsibility of managing after your property, which requires trust. This means that the landlord owns the furniture and objects in the property, if any items are taken by the property manager, a lawsuit may be filed.

Property Managers Can’t Consistently Produce Late Reports

Since professional property management is based on strict notice periods, your property manager cannot provide you with a late report or fail to provide you with a monthly report at all. This suggests that you will fall behind on overall property management.

Property Managers Can’t Ignore Compliance Issues 

Your property manager cannot cause or fail to address any compliance issues. Regulatory organisations will inspect your property on a regular basis to ensure that it complies with all local standards. If you see any compliance issues, or if the authorities notice them, your property management isn’t doing their job effectively.

Property Manages Can’t Poorly Maintain the Property

Your property cannot leave a property in poor condition since it not only puts tenants at risk but also indicates that they are not doing their job properly. One of the most important duties of property management is to keep your property in good condition. They are responsible for ensuring that any repairs to your property are completed as soon as possible.

How to deal with bad Property Managers 

If your property manager does any of the above, it will just add to your stress and may cause more problems. Consequently, these are the things that a property manager cannot do, but know that there are simple things you can do to handle the situation.

Contact Your Property Manager and Discuss the Situation

Before escalating a situation, it may be beneficial to contact your property management and discuss the issue. In some circumstances, they may be unaware of a problem and eager to resolve it.

Contact the Property Management Company 

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and the property manager is refusing to cooperate, contact the property management headquarters and explain the issue. They are more likely to be aware of the property manager’s previous property management experience and should be able to advise you further.

Filing a Complaint Against your Property Manager

If the property management company cannot help, you may need to take the matter to court to resolve the situation. If rights are on your side, it is likely that a judge will side with you, and ensure that the landlord takes appropriate action. 

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