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5 top Tips on choosing a great estate agents

  • Posted:  5 years ago
  • Categories:  Leeds

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing to buy or sell a property; you need to find a reliable estate agent to help. While it may look like it on the surface, not all estate agencies are the same, with some more effective than others. The best estate agents Leeds has to offer will be able to garner your needs and match them to the property market quickly. They will be able to find you a place in a matter of days if you need it. Sounds fast, right? The point is that whatever your needs are, the right estate agent won’t stop until you’re happy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five top tips on choosing great estate agents. You may be surprised about what you need to look for in one!

Look At The Local Area

The best place to start is to find a local estate agent that works in the area in which you are hoping to live. This usually means finding branch offices or individual agents that will sell or let properties in the postcode you are looking at. Go online to search for the best estate agents Leeds has to offer in the area you think you’d like to live.

Going Big Could Help

Ideally, you want to find an estate agent who is a little bigger than other agencies. Boutique-style estate agencies may sound good on paper, but they often can’t attract new clients. Going for medium to large estate agencies is a much better option, as they are always going to be there for you during the process of finding a new property.

Check Out Their Statistics

How many properties does your prospective estate agency have on their books? What’s the average property price? These questions are essential, and the statistics are necessary so that you can understand the sort of properties that they sell. You need to know this to know if they are the right estate agent for you.

Fast Isn’t Always Best

Estate agents like to boast how quickly they can sell properties, but this isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, it’s because of smart marketing and efficiency, but other times it’s because of undervalued property. Find an estate agent who is middle of the market with their selling range, and you find someone who can let/sell a home at a good pace.

Read Reviews

Go online and get real opinions! You could be shocked by a charming estate agent with shocking reviews online. It’s always better to ensure that you have done the research before you rent or buy a house through someone you should have avoided.

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