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Tips for Staying Focused during your First Year at Uni

  • Posted:  7 years ago
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Staying focused and motivated in your first year at University - Priestley Lettings

University doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. There are a few things you can do to stay focused and motivated during the first year.

Staying Organized

One of the things that cause you to lose focus at uni is becoming overwhelmed with the many new responsibilities and demands on your time and your wallet. Let’s be honest, there is so much that is expected of you and so many details of your new life as a university student that have to be worked out. Oh, and having a good time and enjoying your uni days is also an option.

Choose an Agenda That Works For You

Think back to what kind of agenda worked for you in high school. You are still the same person. Focus on what keeps you organized not on getting the agendas that everyone else is buying, including the one the university sells in the bookshop. Have a look at the bullet journal trendvideo. Keep in mind the journal can be just a plain notebook, this may be a cheaper option. Consider adding a “Done” list or draw a happy face next to the tasks you have already completed.

Use Google Calendar To Automatically Send Yourself Reminds of Tasks

Download Google Calendar or another electronic calendar that sends you reminders of tasks to finish. For this method to work, you need to schedule things immediately. Schedule when you need to send in paperwork to the university, meet friends for coffee, pay the deposit on your new flat or go pick up new assignments. An electronic agenda is also a great idea if you don’t want to carry around a diary. Use this or a similar app for campus event reminders.

Being Uncomfortable Will Decrease Focus and Will Power

Several research studies have confirmed a positive relationship between your ability to focus and how comfortable you feel while studying. Make sure you invest in a couple of quality lights. Try buying a good spotlight lamp for your room and living room, if that is where you are comfortable. A cluttered space may make you feel additional stress and overwhelm. Use laundry baskets to toss things into then set a mobile timer for 10 minutes and race to put things away.

A Messy Space is a Time Zapper

Instead of wasting precious time trying to find your iPod earphones so you can tune out the world and get down to business, use a shower caddy, small plastic carrier or even an old biscuit box reinforced with heavy tape to keep all your frequently used items in one place and close at hand. Buy multi-use furniture with lots of storage space, so you can put things away. Consider using storage baskets where you can toss things you don’t have time to deal with immediately. A small basket by the door can catch mail, for a couple of days.

Mimic Your Current, Comfortable Surroundings

Consider where you study now. Are you more comfortable and, more focused, studying in the dining room or lounging on the sofa? Make sure to decorate your flat in a way that feels like home. If you were forced to study in your room but would like to buy a dining table that can be used as a desk, then prepare your space depending on what makes you comfortable. Do you study better to background noise from a movie or a radio?

Use Technology Wisely

Are you using the same email address to send and receive messages from friends, uni, financial assistance office, shop advertisements, and miscellaneous online newsletters that you subscribed your email to and forgot about? Instead of spending time unsubscribing to unimportant news and commercials, sign up for three different email addresses one for each of social, university and courses, and miscellaneous. Ask your friends to only use the social email address and be sure to use your miscellaneous email to subscribe to whichever online mailing lists you like.

Social Media

You may enjoy using various social media platforms, so keep using them just structure your time on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t try canceling out things that make you happy from your life to the point where you feel that uni is a punishment. Instead, tally the focused tasks you have completed or the number of hours you spent actually studying and reward yourself 5 minutes of social media time for each tally mark.

Take Care of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Take the first couple of months to find and build a support system. Take time to introduce yourself to professors, other students, and people who work at the university. Surround yourself with positive people and not those constantly complain.

Take time off for lunch and always have trail mix, nuts, or fruit with you. Take 5 minutes in the morning to pack a water bottle to sip from throughout the day and stuff some healthy snacks in small sandwich baggies.

Take Time Off to Reflect

You’re going to say that there is no time to take off but a quick 20-minute walk around the gardens will replenish your energy levels and keep you focused. Not to mention, the positive effects this quick dose of fresh air and exercise will do for your mood and stress level. The more focused you are on the tasks at hand the faster you will get them done. That means that the 20-minute walk you are going to have to force yourself to take and turn off your mobile ringer while you’re out, is actually saving you time.

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