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Five Top Tips For A Stress-Free Move

big box moving house

Moving to a new home can be fun, exciting and refreshing, but also nerve-wracking, tense and stressful at the same time. But luckily, as one of the top estate agents in Leeds, we’ve discovered that there is a way to avoid all the negative side-affects that come along with moving.

Here are five top tips for a stress-free, smooth moving day!

1 . Start early and take it slow

There’s plenty of jobs to get done in preparation for moving day, it’s easy to want to rush and get them all done as soon as possible. So our advice is to simply just have realistic expectations on how much you want to get done – don’t put pressure on yourself to get your entire house packed straight away, or you’ll just get even more stressed out.

Pack everything you need at a slow pace, and the earlier you start, the slower you can take it!

2 . Get the paperwork out of the way

Make sure you don’t pack any important documents in a place that isn’t easily accessible, for example, your passports, wills and insurance papers etc., should all be stored in one box to ensure easy access, in case of any emergencies. You should then make sure to keep this box in a special place that you be will sure not to lose.

Make sure that this is one of your very first steps and one of the first things you pack before anything else. This is because when you get deep into packing, a mess will slowly begin to form, and you don’t want to be sorting your important documents in the middle of all the clutter!

3 . Choose your removals team sooner rather than later

Leaving this step until the last minute can have a major impact on your peace of mind when moving day arrives. This is because the removals firm which is the most convenient for you may be booked up when you are planning to move. Bare in mind that most people will try and arrange to move on weekends, on bank holidays or during the school holidays, so we often advise to try and avoid these dates if possible.

4 . Don’t hoard

So the time to pack has finally come, and the best technique to use for this would be to try and stand in the shoes of a minimalist. Basically, don’t hoard the things you don’t need! This will make the job much quicker and easier.

However, everybody out there struggles to get rid of their possessions, so there are plenty of high quality, state of the art storage companies in the Leeds area, including Leeds city centre and all over West Yorkshire that you can safely store your belongings in if you do not want to throw anything anyway.

5 . Make a moving list

Organisation is key when it comes to moving day, so lists are absolutely essential! If it feels like there’s just far too much to remember on the lead up to your move, just make a simple list of everything you feel like you need to do, and consider your time management to make it happen.

Contact us to find out more tips, we are an estage agents in Leeds who can provide you with advice and assistance on moving homes.