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Top tips for selling your home

  1. First impressions are key


Give your home kerb appeal by cutting the grass, tidying gardens and cleaning windows. Even a new doormat could make all the difference.


  1. Emphasise space and maximise


Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home to want to buy it. Ensure it is clutter free by clearing surfaces and floors. Put away coats and shoes, and store bathroom products in cupboards.

Opening curtains, blinds and adjoining doors will help emphasise a feeling of space.


  1. Minimise buyer worries


A quick spruce-up can alleviate any doubts in a buyer’s mind. Where possible, carry out any minor repairs to walls, floors and ceilings.


  1. Odours matter


Open the windows to air out your home before viewings.

If possible, take pets outside during the viewings too.


  1. Be flexible with viewing where possible.


Tell us which viewing times work best for you. Think about arranging an open day to get multiple viewings done in one go.


  1. Leave it to the experts


Our experience could help you secure more offers from prospective buyers than if you did it alone.