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Uni Students Guide to Bradford

  • Posted:  6 years ago
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University Students Guide to Bradford - Priestley Lettings

Bradford is a borough in Yorkshire that’s known for its multicultural population. Sometimes known as the curry capital of the UK, Bradford is also home to the University of Bradford. If you’re a Uni student enrolling in the University of Bradford or any of the other regional schools, here’s what you should know about the Bradford area.

Students Guide to Bradford

Whether you’re a returning student or a new enrollee, you’ll want to become thoroughly familiar with the Uni campus where you’ll be studying. Even if you’ve been on campus before, taking a tour and getting to know the students and staff can be fantastic resources when you’re trying to get to know the area better.

One of the first things you’ll want to do, is look around for student lettings in Bradford. The closer you get to the beginning of the academic year, the more likely it is that the best lettings will already be gone. Get ahead of the competition and start looking now to make sure that you’re set up in the best digs when it comes time to study.

While the student union on campus will provide some of the resources that you need to stay comfortable and well-fed, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the amenities that are available throughout Bradford. Knowing the location of the best 24-hour cafe can be a lifesaver during finals time, and having a mental map of the top pubs and bars in town will help you ensure that socialising will be a breeze.

Discovering Bradford

Bradford is a large city with lots of history. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot to do in Bradford, and here are a few of the top places to go and things to see in the city.

But first we need to get your fridge stocked.


While grocery shopping is never the most exciting thing on anyone’s to-do list, stocking up on food is an essential aspect of Uni life that you’ll want to be prepared for adequately. Asda is a national chain with a few locations in Bradford. At Asda, you can pick up essentials such as meat, bread, veggies, cheese, fruit, and even ice cream. This supermarket chain also carries a wide variety of organic food options.


Tesco also has a large presence in Bradford and is a main competitor of Asda. Whether you’re looking for bananas, beef, chicken broth, or brownie mix, Tesco is sure to have what you need. The Tesco locations in Bradford take pride in their large selection of organic foods, and many of the meat options are free-range. One thing about Tesco that greatly appeals to Uni students is the fact that most of the locations of this grocery chain are open 24 hours.

Sing Kee Supermarket

If you’re a lover of Asian fare and want to make some dim-sum or sushi at home, stop by Sing Kee Supermarket to stock up on all of your favourite Far East ingredients. While this supermarket mostly trafficks in frozen and packaged items, there’s also a deli and a fresh fish section where you can get your pescatarian fix. The owners of Sing Kee also operate Oriental City Restaurant, which is right next door in case you’d rather eat out than grab ingredients to make your own feast.

Zizzi Bradford

Zizzi is a national restaurant chain that serves calzones, pizza, and other Italian dishes. The Zizzi location in Bradford is located just a few blocks away from the University of Bradford, making it a hit with Uni students for both lunch and dinner. Zizzi is open until 11 PM most nights, so you can also stop in for a late-night snack when studying gets too tough. While the prices at Zizzi certainly won’t break the bank, this restaurant lends an air of class to their offerings by presenting their pizzas and calzones on wooden boards. The decor at Zizzi is upbeat and modern.

Towngate Fisheries

Towngate Fisheries is a no-frills fish and chips joint located at the north end of town. Step up to the counter, order your meal, and wait in the spacious dining area for your steaming basket to arrive at your table. This affordable chippy has won numerous awards and is the perfect place to grab a meal if you’re too busy studying to make a meal at home. Their fish has been certified as sustainable, and their kitchen and dining area has received a five out of five for cleanliness. If you’ve worked up a sizeable appetite on your way to Towngate Fisheries, take solace in the fact that their service is surprisingly fast.

Other fish & Chips Takeaways

The Guzelian Cafe Bar Gallery

If you’ve just woken up from a long night of studying, or if you didn’t go to sleep at all the previous night, you’ll be glad to hear that The Guzelian Cafe Bar Gallery offers some of the best breakfasts in Bradford. This popular breakfast spot offers traditional English breakfast items alongside American delicacies like pancakes, and is located just east of the town centre. The dishes at The Guzelian Cafe Bar Gallery are moderately priced, and the service is fast, making it the perfect place to stop for a quick bite if you’re on your way to class. This cafe accepts both cash and credit cards.

The New Beehive Inn

The New Beehive Inn is located a short jaunt away from the University of Bradford. This low-key pub is the perfect place to relax after a hard day of studying, and the subdued crowd won’t break your eardrums with sport chants or rowdy revelry. While The New Beehive Inn also has rooms to let, the main draw for the student body is the wide selection of authentic ales that are stocked behind the counter in the bar. If you’re looking for a fancy cocktail mixed to perfection, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. But if you’re hunting for chilled-out vibes and quality inebriants to help you de-stress and prepare for the following day, The New Beehive Inn is the place to go.

The Peacock Bar

With a lively atmosphere and colourful cushions lining the walls, this Indian bar in Bradford is an ideal place to catch the game or enjoy a high-energy Saturday night with friends. While many go to The Peacock Bar just for the beer, this pub also serves traditional Indian dishes that are guaranteed to stimulate the taste buds. Located at the north end of town centre, getting to The Peacock Bar is easy from any location, but you’ll want to make sure that you’ve cooked up a well-thought-out escape plan before arriving since the beer and fare can be quite addictive. Be advised that The Peacock Bar can get quite crowded on weekend nights, so plan to go at some other time if you aren’t in the mood for a rowdy scene.

Stansfield Arms

While it might be best to reserve your visits to Stansfield Arms for special occasions, it can’t be denied that this pub is an essential aspect of Bradford history. Stansfield Arms has stood since the 16th century and continues to provide the same quality fare that has made this graduation dinner spot famous. Beyond the impressive drinks menu, this pub to the northeast of town also offers a wide variety of international dishes. While Stansfield Arms certainly isn’t the type of place to expect wild revelry, it is one of the few places in Bradford where you can experience a slice of history while enjoying a fine meal or beverage.

Lister Park

When you can’t stand being stuck in a stuffy classroom for one moment further, Lister Park is the ideal place to blow off some steam and enjoy the great outdoors. This park consists of wide green lawn punctuated by exquisite gardens, and the historic art gallery Cartwright Hall can also be found on the grounds. There’s even a lake where you can set out on a boat if you’re aquatically inclined.

Peel Park

Peel Park is a winner of the prestigious Green Flag Award and is easy to access from Bradford’s town centre. If you’re feeling especially rambunctious and want to let out your inner child, there’s a playground on site. But if you’d prefer a relaxing stroll around the lake, Peel Park features a variety of crisscrossing trails where you can amble to your heart’s content. There are a number of historic statues and drinking fountains on the grounds that are well worth a look.

Harold Park

Open all year round, Harold Park is located just to the south of town. There are two man-made lakes on the grounds, and a monument to the Boer war makes this park well worth a visit. In the summer, go to Harold Park to sprawl out on the expansive lawn and play games with friends. In the winter, enjoy the peace and quiet that descends on this award-winning park throughout the long cold months.

Kirkgate Shopping Centre

When it comes time to stock up on clothes and other essentials, you’ll be glad to know that Kirkgate Shopping Centre is conveniently located Bradford city centre. This shopping centre is equipped with ample parking and is home to dozens of national chains like Argos, Exotica, Leather Land, Sports Direct, and Tech Bitz. Kirkgate Shopping Centre also features frequent events that can help you get to know the locals even better.

Forster Square

Forster Square is another popular Bradford shopping centre located just outside of town centre. At Forster Square, you’ll find Asda, JD Sports, Harveys, Boots, DFS, and more. There are plenty of places to park your car at Forster Square, and this shopping centre is also easily accessible by public transit.

The Broadway Bradford

The Broadway Bradford is the largest shopping complex in Bradford. Located on the east side of town centre, The Broadway Bradford is home to over 50 stores. Offerings include Boots, Debenhams, Next, H&M, Deichmann, and many more. The Light cinema is right next door if you have a mind to catch a new release. Free Wi-Fi is offered throughout this shopping centre.

Far more than just a university town, Bradford is steeped in history and is bound to keep you occupied throughout all the years of your studies.

Free Wifi in Bradford

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Renting in Bradford

For the first time renter sometimes things can seem confusing, overwhelming and even a bit scary. This guide will provide you with detailed information and a checklist of things you need to look out for at every stage of the renting process.

  • You need to decide how long you want the tenancy to last. The tenancy time can be anywhere between 6 months to 7 years.
  • How much can you afford to pay? Most people can only afford to pay 35% of their regular income. However, it also depends on other expenses such as children, amenity bills, council tax, TV license, etc.
  • Pick an area where you would love to live in and decide how you are going to search for a home to rent. If you cast your net wider by considering many places, your chances of finding the perfect home will increase.
  • Prepare your documents in advance. Agents and landlords must first confirm your identity, credit history, employment status and immigration status. Have these documents ready to be on the safe side.

Read more on advise for renting in Bradford.

Student Accommodation in Bradford

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