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Valor Properties: Inspiring Women to Excel in the Property Industry

At Valor Properties, eleven women lead the company and have achieved immense success through their business strategies, demonstrating that women can excel as property investors and managers in Leeds. The stereotypical image of a landlord or property investor is outdated. According to a recent survey, over half of landlords who own up to five rental properties in the UK are women. At Valor Properties, we celebrate the success of women in our field. As eleven women operating a property management company in Yorkshire and investing in real estate and completing full property refurbishments in Leeds, we want to share the strategies we have used to build our business so that other women can follow in our footsteps.

The Inspiring Success Story of Valor Properties

Building a Thriving Business From Scratch in Yorkshire

Valor Properties was established in 2019 by eleven ambitious women in Leeds with a unique vision to source high-yield buy-to-let properties in Leeds. Starting with no initial clients or funding, Valor Properties has grown exponentially over five years into a three-million-pound company through dedication and expertise.

Providing Unparalleled Value to Clients

Valor Properties’ success is attributed to its value proposition of guaranteeing clients a 15% net yield return on investment in buy-to-let properties in Leeds. By leveraging extensive knowledge of the Yorkshire real estate market and property management in Leeds, Valor Properties has built a reputation for guiding clients to achieve their investment goals.

Recognition From Industry Leaders in Yorkshire

Valor Properties’ achievements have been recognised through numerous awards, including being named ‘Best Letting Agency’ in West Yorkshire three consecutive years and ‘Best Management Company in Yorkshire’ finalist at the Negotiator Awards. Most recently, Valor Properties received a five-star award at the UK Property Awards, demonstrating its status as a leader in the industry.

Inspiring Other Women in Business

As an all-women led company, Valor Properties is challenging outdated stereotypes about the real estate industry in Yorkshire. According to recent surveys, over half of residential landlords in the UK are women, yet the image of the stereotypical property manager in Leeds remains predominantly male. Valor Properties aims to celebrate and inspire women’s success in property investment and management.

The Future Is Bright

After five years of exponential growth, Valor Properties has expanded into several sister companies, including Valor Property Maintenance, Valor Property Investments, Valor Block Management, and Valor Land Management. Under its all-women leadership, Valor Properties will continue broadening its services, expertise, and client base to empower more women in the real estate industry. The future is bright for this pioneering, all-female company in Yorkshire.

How Valor Properties Became a Leading Women-Led Business in Leeds

Building a Unique Value Proposition

At Valor Properties, we established a unique value proposition to gain clients in a competitive industry. By exclusively sourcing buy-to-let properties in Leeds that guarantee a 15% net yield return on investment in Yorkshire, we offered landlords and investors an attractive incentive that led to acquiring new clients and rapid business growth. Our tailored property investments in Leeds, renovations and management services allowed us to become specialists in the Yorkshire region.

Achieving Industry Recognition

Through diligent work and a commitment to excellence, Valor Properties gained industry recognition, cementing our status as experts. We were named ‘Best Letting Agency’ in West Yorkshire three consecutive years, receiving a five-star award from the UK Property Awards the final year. We were also a finalist for ‘Best Management Company in Yorkshire’ at the Negotiator Awards. These accolades demonstrate our success as a women-led company in a male-dominated field.

Empowering Women in Property

At Valor Properties, eleven women operate the company, showing that women can thrive as property investors and managers. We aim to inspire other women to pursue careers in real estate. According to recent surveys, over half of UK landlords who own up to five rental properties are women, indicating the outdated stereotype of the male landlord is changing. As a women-led company, we celebrate empowering women in property and share our strategies for success so other women can follow.

Expanding into New Ventures

Valor Properties began as an estate and letting agency but now operates several sister companies, including Valor Property Maintenance, Valor Property Investments, Valor Block Management and Valor Land Management. This expansion shows the success of our women-led company and our ambition to diversify into new areas of property. We strive to change perceptions about women in property and provide career opportunities for women.

At Valor Properties, we believe women entrepreneurs drive economic growth and innovation. By empowering women in our industry and fostering women-led businesses, we aim to close the gender gap in property and inspire the next generation of female leaders. Our achievements demonstrate women can excel and lead in this traditionally male-dominated field.

Valor Properties: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Property Industry in Leeds

Achieving Success Against the Odds As a small women-led business in a male-dominated industry, Valor Properties faced significant challenges establishing our credibility. However, through dedication and expertise, we overcame prejudices to build a reputable company. We focused on a niche market, providing investment properties in Yorkshire with guaranteed high yields, which allowed us to gain trust and recognition. Within five years, Valor Properties has achieved over £3 million in annual turnover, named “Best Letting Agency” three consecutive years, and nominated for “Best Management Company in Yorkshire.” Our success demonstrates that women can achieve excellence in property investment and management.

Inspiring Future Female Entrepreneurs in Leeds

Valor Properties’ vision is to empower women to pursue careers in property and business. As a women-led company, we are role models for young women considering futures in real estate and entrepreneurship. According to recent surveys, over half of landlords owning up to five UK properties are women; however, the stereotypical image of a property investor remains male. At Valor Properties, we aim to change this perception by promoting our success as women excelling in this industry.

Fostering Economic Growth in Leeds

Women entrepreneurs drive innovation, job creation, and regional economic expansion. As a company founded and operated by women in Yorkshire, Valor Properties contributes to the local economy through property investment, refurbishment projects, and employment opportunities. By empowering women in business and real estate, we cultivate diversity and encourage prosperity across our region. Our achievements demonstrate the significant, positive impact of women-led companies.

The Future of Valor Properties

Valor Properties will continue championing women in business and property. We plan to expand into farm management, rural consultancy, and land development to provide more opportunities for women to build careers with us. Through our blog and social media, we will also highlight stories of women achieving success in real estate to inspire others. It is our mission to change perceptions in this industry by proving that women can excel as leaders and visionaries. We aim to build a legacy as a pioneering, women-led property company in Yorkshire.


As women entrepreneurs leading a successful property management company, we at Valor Properties want to inspire other women to excel in this industry. Though initially met with doubt, our achievements prove that women can thrive as property investors and managers. We aim to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs by sharing our strategies for gaining trust and outperforming the competition. While the stereotypical landlord remains male, women now own over half of UK rental properties. We take pride in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and promoting gender equality in our region. With dedication and vision, women can gain respect and excel in male-dominated fields. We celebrate the growing community of women disrupting old-fashioned views in property. Our journey shows that when women support each other, we can accomplish great things. Though challenges remain, the future looks bright for women entrepreneurs aiming high. We hope our example provides a blueprint for women to excel on their own terms and shape industries in Yorkshire and beyond.