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Ways to improve the value of your home

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Owning a high-valued property can be extremely beneficial, and fortunately, there are many different ways you can increase the value of your home/property.

We recently got asked what we recommend doing to increase the value of a property, and we thought this would also make a brilliant blog topic, so keep reading to get some insights!

“What are some simple, low-cost ways to increase the value of one’s home?”

One simple way to increase value is to repaint the property with a neutral shade like magnolia. This will make the rooms in your house look bigger. Matte grey skirting boards and door surrounds are also very current and will add value to your home.

“What are some ways people can increase the value of their home when it comes to maintenance?”

Keeping your bathroom and kitchen modern and fitted correctly will help increase the property value. Making sure all domestic appliances are current. A few examples are tap-heads, radiators, washing machines.

“What are some bigger, more expensive projects that can increase the value of one’s home?”

This may only apply to some households. If your home has a generously sized bathroom and a smaller room. Switching the use of the rooms around will add some value to the home. We’d also suggest if your home is situated, with a kitchen dining room and a living room alongside each other, we’d recommend changing your living room into another bedroom to add substantial value to the house price.

“What are some primary considerations to keep in mind before taking on a home improvement project?”

We’d advise house owners to keep in mind the article 4 direction, which is made by a local authority and may be subject to government intervention. It serves as a restricted permitted development which means a lot of changes that people do to their homes or land, without planning permission, often fall into the realms of planning consent. This direction on its own, will not stop any action but means the landowner is required to seek planning consent.

If you have any other questions about increasing the value of your property or cheap home renovations, please feel free to give our office a call on 0113 222 4537.