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What Does Block Management Include?

Block management includes a whole range of services that contribute to the upkeep of communal services in residentials blocks, estates, and office buildings. Learn more about what is often included in block management services with Valor Properties.

What is Block Management?

Block management is the upkeep and maintenance of communal areas of blocks or estates. A block management company is responsible for shared spaces such as hallways, gardens, and courtyards, as well as communal waste areas and utilities. Block management also includes communal financial and legal services.

Often, there will be a named managing agent at the property that will outsource the various communal upkeep and maintenance services. They will ensure that contractors work effectively, and are value for money.

What is Included in Block Management?

Block management encompasses a range of services that contribute to the upkeep of communal areas of blocks and estates. Valor Properties Block Management services include:

Block property management

Block property management services include the upkeep, repairs, and maintenance of shared, or communal, areas of residential and commercial blocks. Valor Properties boasts incredible infrastructure to include Valor Maintenance Limited, to ensure the proper upkeep of your development.

Company secretarial services

Company secretarial services are not the traditional secretarial duties, as the name might suggest. Rather, they encompass the administrative tasks within a business that ensures corporate governance and government compliance.

Regular resident/director meetings

Block management companies will endeavor to keep on top of things by appointing a resident director of the complex. The director will handle the affairs of the block that affect the community as a whole, and report these on to the block management company.

AGM scheduling and chair of AGM meeting

Annual general meetings (AGM) take place to review the previous year’s performance, and for key stakeholders to ask questions, air any grievances, and vote on key matters.

Lease enforcement

Individual units within a block will likely have different lease terms. Often, property developers, or individual owners, will task block management companies with enforcing leases on tenants. The block management company must ensure that they know what each owner is legally permitted to do t, and what they are required to do to enforce the lease.

Lease compliance services

Once the block management company is fully aware of the legal requirements of lease enforcement, they are responsible for ensuring compliance on both sides of the agreement.

Leaseholder transfer/sales

Block management companies often assist in the transfer of ownership of individual units within a block, or with new sales. This may or may not affect the occupant of the unit in question.

Facilities Management & Maintenance

Block management companies will either have their own facilities management team, or will outsource the service to maintain the condition of the complex. Valor Properties have our own facilities management division, Valor Maintenance Limited.

Frequent Property Inspections

Block management companies will arrange regular inspections of communal areas inside and outside of the building to ensure that the property remains in good condition.

Service charge accounting

Service charge accounts are the statements annually prepared by block management companies for leaseholders. The accounts cover service charge income and expenditure, sometimes referred to as a summary of relevant costs.

Annual budget reviews

Annual budget reviews of residential or commercial blocks are there to review expenditure and income from the previous year to ensure that the property runs efficiently without incurring more expenses than income received.

Health and Safety compliance

A block management company will ensure that the complex is health and safety compliant, and will remedy any issues as a matter of importance.

Buildings Insurance

Building insurance is often included within each owner’s or developer’s service charge and will depend on how many units are owned within the block, how many are currently occupied, and the type of tenant occupying the unit.

Utility services

Utility services is the management of utilities between tenants, saving time and money.

Legislation and lease advice

Block management companies may offer legislation and lease advice to individual unit owners, or those wanting to buy a property in the block.

Appointed 24 hour block maintenance team with quality accredited contractors

Valor Maintenance Limited is the dedicated 24 hour block maintenance team associated with Valor Properties’ block management service. We use only quality, accredited contractors to ensure that repairs and maintenance are carried out effectively.

Block Management in Leeds with Valor Properties

Valor Properties have a wealth of experience in property management, leasehold accounting and health and safety compliance. Following our continued success in block property management, we understand the needs of each development and tailor our service to each client.

If your current development is in need of a new block management company, get in touch today to learn more about our block management services in Leeds and West Yorkshire.