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What is a Block Management Company?

Block management is a term used to describe a company that manages the communal areas of a block, or estate, on behalf of others. This management includes the cleaning, maintenance, and general upkeep of communal areas, as well as financial and legal services. Read on to learn more about block management with Valor Properties.

What is a Block Management Company?

Block management companies are responsible for maintaining shared spaces, such as hallways, courtyards, and gardens in residential or commercial blocks. This could be blocks of flats, residential developments, or perhaps shared office buildings.

Block management companies may also be referred to as leasehold management, estate management, and remote property management.

How Does Block Management Work?

A block management company can be hired to look after communal areas of blocks of flats, residential property developments, or office buildings, where each unit is individually owned and self-managed.

Often, there will be a named managing agent responsible for a block that is tasked with carrying out a number of services to keep the block in good order. Such tasks as cleaning communal areas, and gardening work, repairs and maintenance, and concierge duties may be outsourced by the block manager, who will ensure that contractors work effectively, and are value for money.

Similarly, a block management company will assume responsibility for financial and legal matters in relation to communal areas of the block.

What is Included in Block Management?

Valor Properties Block Management service includes a whole range of services across Leeds and West Yorkshire that help to look after and maintain the communal areas of the block. These include:

  • Block property management
  • Company secretarial services
  • Regular resident/director meetings
  • AGM scheduling and chair of AGM meeting.
  • Lease enforcement
  • Lease compliance services
  • Leaseholder transfer/sales
  • Facilities Management & Maintenance
  • Frequent Property Inspections
  • Service charge accounting
  • Annual budget reviews
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Utility services
  • Legislation and lease advice
  • Appointed 24 hour block maintenance team with quality accredited contractors

Block Management in Leeds with Valor Properties

Valor Properties have a wealth of experience in property management, leasehold accounting and health and safety compliance. Following our continued success in block property management, we understand the needs of each development and tailor our service to each client.

If your current development is in need of a new block management company, we will ensure a swift transition with minimal input from the freeholder.

Get in touch today to learn more about our block management services in Leeds and West Yorkshire.