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Why All-Inclusive Student Accommodation Could Benefit You

  • Posted:  6 years ago
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Benefits of All Inclusive Student Accommodation - Priestley Lettings

As a new student, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing where to live. Your choice of student accommodation does have a profound effect on your academic success as it is where you retire after a long day at Uni. There are a lot of accommodation options at your disposal such as renting an apartment, cost-sharing rent with friends, staying at home, or living in purpose-built all-inclusive student accommodation. However, how do you know the one that is right for you? Here are five things to consider.

Location, Location, Location

This is, by far, the most important factor to consider when choosing your accommodation as a student. It is true; living further away from your university could see you save some cash on rent. Nevertheless, you will spend a lot of your time travelling to school in addition to spending the same cash you are saving on high costs of transportation.

Fortunately, a lot of purpose-built all-inclusive student accommodations are located close to university. But how about the locations of other amenities that are important to a student? Is there a store nearby? How about a hospital, cinema, or the nightlife?

It is, therefore, important you first scout the area around the university before you reach your choice for which accommodation best suits you.


Your choice of student accommodation is also heavily influenced by the cost of rent. As previously mentioned, living facilities that are close to universities tend to be more costly. However, despite your limited student budget, it could be worthwhile to pay a little more for rent than to spend a lot of time commuting in addition to transportation costs.

Also, it is imperative that you check out the various services that the accommodation offers which are included in the rent. These are services like utilities. Typically, buildings that are purposely for student accommodation provide a package of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. Conversely, when you choose private renting, it means that you have to pay for utility bills as well.

However, ensure that you ask whether utility bills are included in the rent invoice. This will significantly ease your burden.


If mowing lawns and DIY are ideas that do not particularly excite you, you should then try your hand out at a purpose-built student accommodation. Buildings that offer student accommodation typically do their repairs and maintenance.

For instance, if you find some fault in your room, you just have to contact the building’s caretaker to organize for repair. This is a lot easier than having to deal with a landlord or lettings agency while you are living in private accommodation. Make sure you understand your tenancy agreement.


As a student, the benefits of a reliable and fast internet are limitless. This is what you need to complete your assignments as well as do your research. As such, you need an accommodation that is wired up with the lightning fast internet. Besides, you also need to YouTube and Netflix once you have completed your homework.


The safety of both ourselves and our belongings is our utmost priority. As such, you need to be sure that the building you are seeking accommodation into has security measure in place. These may include features such as CCTV, intercoms, FOB keys, and manned receptions. Also, ensure the building’s location is in a place where you won’t be easily mugged if you come late from school.

There are a lot of options that are available when choosing a place for accommodation as a student. Nonetheless, we are all different and thus what might appeal to your friends might not be inviting to you. You, therefore, need to conduct a comprehensive research about the various options before reaching your decision.

Nevertheless, for students travelling from various parts of the country or beyond, choosing to live in a purpose-built all-inclusive student accommodation makes a lot of sense. This move will take away from you the stresses associated with renting an apartment such as paying bills in addition to maintenance costs. But what does an all-inclusive accommodation actually imply and why should a student take advantage of it?

Here is why you need an all-inclusive accommodation as a student

Moving into a new place comes with the worry that you need to squeeze your budget to be able to pay for utility bills. Paying for these utilities month to month might not be feasible for you since a lot of utility costs tend to vary depending on how much you consumed on a particular month. This can be a real problem, especially in the winter months when you will use a lot of energy to stay nice and warm.

The good news, however, is that all-inclusive student accommodations eliminate this constant worrying about whether your budget will take you through the month. A typical all-inclusive student accommodation allows you a monthly quota which is usually generous enough, so you do not have to worry that spending an extra five minutes in the shower shall push you over the allowance. The quota is usually laid out and offered in your tenancy agreement, so you are aware of the precise amount you will be working with every month. Having electricity, gas, broadband, and water bills included in your rent package is beneficial since you will be able to set money aside for essentials such as textbooks, printouts, food, and night outs.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, when the costs of gas, water, and electricity are included in the rental costs, you will not have to worry about the hassle of dealing with suppliers and having to set up separate direct debits; you will have a lot less to worry about and just focus on your studies.

Nevertheless, you still have to be responsible while using utilities; do not over-extend your quota. As such, only use what you need when cooking, heating, and showering to avoid being reckless. This not only saves on energy but also ensures you stay within your quota. Most all-inclusive student accommodations have a fair usage policy such that when you go over your quota, you are given the opportunity to level out your usage over the next months. However, if your overall utility balance is still breached by the end of your tenancy, you might incur extra charges.

Apart from helping you do away with the uncertainty of whether you will still have money left after paying for utilities, an all-inclusive accommodation also allows you to worry less about other essential amenities to a student such as an internet connection. Internet access is essential for revising, researching, as well as social media.

Unfortunately, most student accommodations do not offer content insurance. It is because it is more cost-effective for a student to take their own content insurance as you will more effectively choose the cover that you want. Content insurance offered by all-inclusive student accommodations typically covers just a certain amount in the event of damage or theft, and the payout may probably not be as high as your belongings’ worth.

The Benefits of living in an all-inclusive student accommodation

Saving you the hassle

When you move into an all-inclusive accommodation, you will save yourself the crazy amounts of efforts required to find utility providers. It goes without saying, looking for these service-people takes a lot of searching around so you can get the best possible deals. This inevitably ends up in endless phone calls and visits to your apartment before getting connected.

No delays

In some instances, providers may take days before they come around and get you connected. This is a major inconvenience to students especially if it is a broadband connection. Waiting for internet service providers to come around and set you up with Wi-Fi can be frustrating. Fortunately, when you get into an all-inclusive housing, you will not have to go through all that.

A lot more is provided

Apart from the utilities, TV license, and internet, the all-inclusive package also features fully-furnished rooms. Although you need to come with your cutlery and bedding, you will find:

  • Sofas, TV stands and TVs
  • Beds, mattress protectors, and mattresses
  • Wardrobes and drawers
  • Desks and chairs

This implies that you will not have to go furniture shopping when you move into your new place. That saves you cash, effort, and time that is better utilized in your studies.

Friendships and Networking

Living amongst your peers in a student community will give you the platform to network and build relationships that may last a lifetime. Those networks will ease your transition into adulthood. Having a communal life also allows you to learn about various cultures since you are interacting with people from all over. Socialising allows you to feel safer, relaxed, and part of a community.

Transitioning into student life can be difficult. New places, new people, and new cultures can be overwhelming. As such, you do not need to add the stress that comes with apartment living while living on a meagre student budget. Look for an all-inclusive student accommodation so you can be at ease by having some stress taken off your back. Priestley lettings have been providing excellent student lettings in Leeds and student lettings in Bradford for close to a decade. We have excellent facilities and amenities for our student tenants to ensure they have a comfortable stay while at University.