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Why sit on your cash? Valor’s property investment tips.

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We understand

The feeling of getting a big pay-out unexpectedly is unmatched. Here at Valor, we understand that naturally, the more money you acquire, the more stressed you will be. In fact, “Sudden Wealth Syndrome” is a stress-related condition! Did you know that so-called “safe” ways of investing, such as bank interest rates and corporate bonds, provide much lower returns?

Let’s put this into perspective

 Just last year Matthew Boyle from finder discovered that the average UK resident has approximately £6,760 in savings, while the average easy-access interest rate was only 0.23%. As a result, a typical saver would have to wait a shocking 16 months before spending their interest earnings on a £20 takeaway.

Here are some suggestions to help you increase your money, regardless of whether you recently signed a multimillion-pound contract or won the lottery.

Where do we think you should invest your money?

   1)  A professional property

A good rental yield for a professional let is about 5-8%.

   2)  A student property

According to Paragon, student residences often enjoy a yield premium of roughly 27% above the market average, placing student rental yields at a whopping minimum of 7%.

Investing in student properties in Leeds will return an average:

Rent: £19,052

House prices: £250,009

Rental Yield: 7.62%

With there being well over 60,000 students in Leeds, demand has never been higher.

Did you know that here at Valor Properties we GUARANTEE a minimum 30% ROI on all investments? That’s why we’re known as “the property experts in Yorkshire”.

 What is a Rental Yield you may ask?

Basically, a rental yield is the return that is expected to be gained from collecting rent. It is calculated as a percentage by dividing the annual rental revenue of a property by the entire amount of investment in that property. Sorry to bore you but don’t worry! We’ll assist you every step of the way.

If you want to learn how to work out Rental Yield, you can find the complete calculation in our Property Investing Guide For Beginners.

No better place than Valor Properties

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