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Why Women-Led Businesses Like Valor Properties Are Important

Valor Properties: Champions of Women-Led Businesses

As a property investor and manager, certain stereotypes may come to mind – typically older, male, and unsympathetic. However, women now make up over half of all landlords with 5 or fewer investment properties in the UK. At Valor Properties, eleven women lead the company and have achieved immense success through their business strategies, demonstrating that women can excel as property investors and managers. Join us in celebrating women-led businesses and female entrepreneurs, who spur economic growth, create jobs, inspire other women, and chip away at workforce gender divides. When women invest in and run companies, whole communities reap the benefits.

The Rise of Women in Property Investing

Women Entrepreneurs Drive Economic Growth

As property investors and entrepreneurs, women have a significant impact on economic expansion and stability. Women-led businesses inspire other aspiring female entrepreneurs and create job opportunities for women, helping to close the gender gap in business. Women entrepreneurs are vital for fostering innovation and economic expansion in Yorkshire.

Changing Perceptions

The stereotypical image of a landlord or property investor is outdated. According to a recent survey, over half of landlords who own up to five rental properties in the UK are women. At Valor Properties, we celebrate the success of women in our field. As eleven women operating a property management company in Yorkshire and investing in real estate, we want to share the strategies we have used to build our business.

Networking and Mentorship

Female property investors should utilise networking to find mentors and collaborators. Seeking out other successful women in the field can help in navigating challenges and finding new opportunities. Mentorship is key for women looking to break into the property investment sector or advance their existing business.

Do Not Underestimate Your Abilities

Imposter syndrome is common among female entrepreneurs and leads to self-doubt and anxiety. Recognise that you have the skills and experience to succeed as a property investor. Do not let self-doubt hold you back from taking calculated risks and making ambitious plans to grow your business. Your abilities and hard work will drive your success as an entrepreneur.

Believe in yourself, build your network, and keep pushing forward. The property investment sector needs more women, and together we are changing perceptions and building businesses that will shape the future.

Role Models for Other Women

Women entrepreneurs inspire other women to start businesses. This leads to more job creation for women which ultimately helps in reducing the gender gap in the workforce something Valor Properties takes great pride in.

Fostering Innovation

Women entrepreneurs bring a diverse range of skills, experiences and perspectives that lead to new ideas and innovative solutions. At Valor Properties, the six women running the company have used their diverse experiences to implement innovative strategies to grow the business.

Economic Growth

When women entrepreneurs have equal access to resources and opportunities, it results in economic growth. Research shows that women entrepreneurs reinvest up to 90% of their income in their families and communities compared to men who reinvest only 30% to 40% of their income. Valor Properties understands the value of empowering and supporting women in business.

Women-owned businesses also demonstrate improved financial outcomes, often yielding higher returns on investment. At Valor Properties, we prioritise working with women-owned contractors, suppliers, and partners to support this positive economic impact.

Role Models for Future Leaders

As six women running a property management company and investing in real estate, we recognise the impact of seeing other women in leadership roles. Serving as role models for young women and girls considering careers in business or real estate is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our success proves that women can thrive in industries typically dominated by men.


Our mission is to inspire the next generation of women leaders in real estate and beyond. By empowering women entrepreneurs and investors today, we are shaping a brighter, more equitable future for all. At Valor Properties, we champion women-led businesses and the lasting impact they have on communities and the economy. Together, we are transforming industries and making a difference.


Bethany Nicol, April 2024