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Block Management Services in Leeds and West Yorkshire

As part of our Block Property Management services, Valor Properties provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure seamless management of your property with minimal effort required on your part. Our experienced property management team can reduce your workload by handling essential tasks such as:

Corporate Governance

We handle all corporate governance and compliance responsibilities. This includes tasks like record-keeping, regulatory filings, and oversight of legal and trustee duties.

Resident and Board Meetings

Each community has a dedicated director from our team who manages day-to-day operations and escalates any issues to Valor Properties leadership. The director also chairs regular meetings for residents and boards to discuss community matters.

Annual General Meetings

We schedule and lead annual general meetings (AGMs) to review the prior year’s performance, address questions from stakeholders, and facilitate voting on important decisions.

Advisory Services

Our experts can guide you through complex lease, compliance and regulatory issues—leveraging our deep understanding of the associated laws and best practices.

Financial Reporting

We prepare annual service charge reports and budgets to help optimise costs and ensure expenses do not exceed revenue for your property.

Complimentary Budget Consultation

Valor Block Management strives to minimise expenses by conducting a complimentary budget consultation from our initial meeting and annual expenditure analysis of all contracts and costs. Our goal is to ensure the service charge budget is as precise as possible to guarantee adequate funds are available for the upcoming year and to circumvent requests for additional monies. Please click here to learn more about our budget consultation process.

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Valor Properties brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Block Property Management sector. With a strong history in the sales and lettings market in Leeds and West Yorkshire, we provide an efficient, professional service you can trust. 

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If your current development is in need of a new block management company, Valor Properties can offer a swift transition with minimal input from the freeholder. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we provide, and how we could benefit your development.

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