Properties for sale in Leeds and Bradford

Whether you’re buying to let or purchasing the home of your dreams, explore our available properties for sale and discover the one that’s perfect for you.

Leaders in the property market

Launched in 2010, Valor Properties determination to match people to the properties that reflect their specific preferences has reaped the rewards for both buyers and sellers alike. With us, the risk of buyers dropping out is minimised, meaning the sales process is quicker, and more straightforward, than you ever thought possible.

With an immense selection of stunning properties, there’ll be no settling for second best as you find the home that has everything you want and more.

Buying in Leeds

Explore our vast array of properties in the city of Leeds and the surrounding areas. Eliminate travel needs with apartments in the spectacular centre, or opt for suburban living in fantastic homes in locations like Headingley. You can take your pick of luxurious one-bed apartments or houses that are fitting for families and friends.

Buying in Bradford

Make your purchase easy in Bradford by purchasing a property in the city centre or any of the superb outer areas. Find a home full of history with characteristic converted mills, choose a luxury apartment or home that accommodates up to five occupants, or select a spectacular student house to rent out.

Buying to live

Don’t waste many months trying to sell or buy your home – Valor Properties will get you moved in or out swiftly. As a buyer, you’ll be matched to a number of properties to suit your preferences. Once you’ve found the perfect one, we’ll help with the financial and legal side to ensure it’s a smooth move.

For those selling, we’ll get your property on the market by starting with a free valuation. After an agreed price is decided upon, your home will be advertised on over 100 online portals to maximise the chances of a quick, satisfying sale.

Buying to let

It’s easy to find a property that will let quickly – both Leeds and Bradford boast luxurious homes worthy of high rents. Discover how every detail will fit the needs of your tenants by browsing the property’s features online or viewing them in person.

If you’re not looking to be a hands-on landlord, we take the stress away with our full management service package. We’ll ensure the tenants are of the best standard, take care of the legal side, and keep the property immaculate with maintenance carried out by the very best tradesmen.