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Cyclical Maintenance with Valor Properties in Leeds

Cyclical Maintenance with Valor Properties in Leeds

Cyclical maintenance of a building refers to regularly scheduled repairs and improvements required by the lease, generally occurring every five years. This includes refurbishing external areas like the roof and common spaces, as well as internal decorations. Failing to perform cyclical maintenance can negatively impact property value and risk building insurance claims, as policies typically exclude damage from normal wear and tear due to neglect.

A well-managed property agent will budget and plan for cyclical maintenance. They will advise leaseholders of necessary work and retain a qualified surveyor to define project scopes and specifications professionally. When feasible, large undertakings should be strategically phased over multiple years to minimise disruption. The agent will also organise a meeting where all stakeholders can discuss timelines and potential issues, promoting cooperation and collaboration. Early, transparent communication is important for success.

Statutory processes must be followed to properly and legally fund major works. First, property agents will distribute Section 20 notices informing leaseholders and freeholders of planned projects professionally and compliantly. Agents will ideally use reserved service charge funds allocated for such purposes, but may need to gather additional fees if reserves prove insufficient to complete the work as required. The legal notification requirements for raising necessary capital will be covered in a subsequent article in accordance with all relevant regulations.

In summary, regularly maintaining a building through scheduled repairs and refurbishments protects its value and condition over the long term. With prudent planning and open communication among all parties, cyclical maintenance projects need not be contentious when handled professionally and in compliance with regulations.

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