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Top Tips For First Time Buyers!

Top Tips for first time buyers

Buying your first home can be exciting and thrilling, but also daunting; especially if you have no guidance or tips to help you find your perfect home. There are lots of questions to be answered and things to consider before taking that leap to find your perfect home. Can I even get a mortgage? What is my budget? Don’t worry, we have all the answers to make you feel more at ease and comfortable in finding the most suitable home for you.

The most obvious and important tip involved in buying a house is to start saving early!
There are a few costs to consider when saving for a home:
• Move In expenses
• Down Payment
• Closing Costs
These costs would vary from house to house, but it’s better to over save to adjust the house to your wants and needs and make it perfect for you.

• Decide what homes you can afford and figure out your budget.
• Check your credit score and strengthen it to increase your chances.
• Compare mortgage rates and fees.
• Choose a real estate agent that would help you find your perfect home (I highly recommend us)
• Stick to your budget
• Make the most of open houses.

The most important tip we can advise is take it all in, enjoy every moment! It is a big step in your life, so embrace it and all the rest will follow. If you would like to talk to the experts, contact Valor Properties or drop into our office:

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