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What Type of Electrical Work Can a Handyman Do?

It’s important to understand that there are handymen that are qualified electricians, and handymen that are not qualified electricians. As such, there is a huge difference between which electrical jobs each type of handyman can perform legally. In this blog, we outline the kind of jobs that handymen and unqualified electricians can legally perform, and what’s best to leave to the professionals, like our fully qualified electricians at Valor Property Maintenance.

So, what type of electrical work can a handyman do? Anyone that is unqualified in electrics, including your local handyman, can legally perform electrical replacement work, minor repairs, and minor electrical changes like moving lights and plug sockets. Any electrical work carried out in the kitchen, bathroom, outside, or close to a water source must be left to a qualified electrician. Similarly, large electrical jobs such as rewiring must only be carried out by qualified electricians.

Read on for more information about what kind of work is classed as minor electrical work, and what electrical work unqualified handymen can perform.

What Electrical Work Can an Unqualified Person Do?

Regulations and standards must still be met by anyone unqualified in electrics, and there should be a good level of understanding of the job at hand in order to minimise dangers. If you have no idea what you’re doing, stop now and hire a professional. The money you may save by doing it yourself is not worth the risk.

Handymen can perform minor electrical repairs and changes. Some examples of this include:

  • Change or removal of light fittings
  • Change or removal of plug sockets
  • Change or removal of light switches
  • Addition of trunking / conduit to hide cabling

Is it illegal to do electrical work without a license?

It is not illegal to perform electrical work without a licence, however only minor electrical jobs should be attempted, and there should be a good level of knowledge and understanding of both the job and its associated risks.

What is Classed as Minor Electrical Work?

Minor electrical work, also known as non-notifiable work, is small jobs that are relatively low-risk when performed correctly. Such works do not need to be reported to building control and do not require an electrician. These include:

  • Moving sockets, light fixtures, light switches etc.
  • Installing new sockets, lights, switches etc.
  • Repairing or replacing old wires (not a total rewire!)
  • Installing or upgrading main or supplementary equipotential bonding
  • Installing extra low voltage cabling outside bathrooms for telephones, alarms, heating systems etc.
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs of electrical appliances
  • Repairing or replacing a thermostat

Anything more complex than this, or electric works to kitchens, bathrooms, or outside must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Similarly, anything related to fuse boxes or circuit boards must only be carried out by a professional.

Do minor electrical works need to be notified?

Minor electrical works, also known as non-notifiable work, do not need to be notified.  That being said, all minor electrical works, especially if carried out by a tradesman of some kind, should, ideally, be planned, performed, tested, and certified in line with BS 7671, as local authorities have the ability to take action against non-compliant electrical works.

Can a Handyman Self-Certify Electrical Work?

Only qualified electricians can self-certify electrical works. If a handy man is a qualified electrician, they may self-certify. However, to be able to self-certify, electricians must register with a competent person self-certification scheme, in compliance with Part P  of the Building Regulations.

This allows qualified electricians to self-certify whenever they perform notable work. Non-notable works do not need to be certified.

Electricians and Emergency Electricians in Leeds and Bradford

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