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University Student Desk Hacks

  • Posted:  6 years ago
  • Categories:  Students

As a university student, one of the most important parts of staying on top of things is to be organised. Staying organised allows a university student to be as productive as possible. As a student, you will find yourself spending lots of time at a desk. The desk in your room is going to be the centre of all your work and one of the most essential places to keep organised. Even if your entire room is messy and cluttered, it is necessary to keep your desk well maintained. If you struggle to keep your desk tidy, hopefully this article will help you to do so. Here are some of the top hacks for your desk as a university student.

Keep a planner

A planner is a must have for any university student desk. A planner is essential for keeping yourself prepared for the upcoming weeks and months. A planner allows you to be prepared for whatever you have coming up. Face it, we all forget about important events from time to time. With a planner, you won’t have to worry about forgetting about an important test or event that you have coming up. Keeping a planner at your desk is a great foundation for keeping yourself organised and ready for the university life.

Colour Coding

Colour Coding your items is another great hack for your desk. As a university student, you will have to keep track of many different projects that fall under many different categories. Colour coding is a great way to balance your items. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just colour code your items based on your personal needs. You can colour code based on certain classes, certain levels of importance, or certain due dates. Whatever it may be, colour coding is a great hack for your desk.

Keep a Planner and Colour Code - University Student Hacks - Priestley Lettings

Keep only your important items around your desk

As any student knows, a desk becomes quite messy over time. It is easy for old papers to build up on your desk as you set them down each day. One of the best hacks for your desk is to make sure that you keep old and unnecessary items far away from it. Unimportant papers are not the place for your desk. Your desk should only contain the most important items that you have. Refrain from setting things down on your desk. If you do so, it will quickly become cluttered and make it hard to keep your items organised. Long story short, to get the full use out of your desk you need to keep it clean.

Use bins

Bins or small containers are a great hack for your desk. Not only do they keep your items organised, they also make the overall look more appealing. Bins are great for any item. You can buy bins of any size and use them to hold anything like pencils, paper clips, post it notes, etc. Bins can be located around your desk and or can be put in a drawer if you have one.

Keep your wires organised

A desk will likely be located somewhere near an outlet on the wall. Due to this, you will probably plug in your electronic devices while sitting at your desk. While doing so, it is important to keep your wires organised and tidy. This way, your desk will look much cleaner and will not appear cluttered. There are many ways to keep wires organised. One great hack is to use large paper clips. Large paper clips are great for keeping wires organised. Simply clamp the paper clip on the side of your desk and run the wire through the metal part. This will hold your wire in place and keep in looking organised. Another hack for keeping your wires organised is to use rubber bands. Rubber bands can be used to hold wires together or to keep them attached to another item. Twisty ties and zip ties are more useful ways to keep your wires looking clean and tidy.

University Student Desk Hacks - Priestley Lettings

Use motivational quotes

A great hack for your desk as a university student is to use motivational quotes and images. Putting up any kind of motivational images on your wall or around your desk is a great way to stay inspired. As a university student, any kind of inspiration is helpful. Your desk is one of the best places to put motivational images. This is because you will spend a lot of time working at your desk and will need the extra push. Also consider simply putting images that please you on your desk. Doing so will make your desk a comfortable and calm place that you can work productively and efficiently at.

As a university student, keeping your desk organised is vital. Using these hacks or any hacks that you can think of will allow you to make your desk an amazing place to spend your time. There is not necessarily any right way to set up your desk, just make sure that it is comfortable for you and that it is going to be a productive place for you.